Monday, 14 March 2011

We Were The States Release New Acoustic Video

“We wanted to perform on the streets of Nashville just like so many Nashville musicians before us. We went downtown and did a few takes,” says guitarist J Stoyanov of We Were The States speaking about the band’s new video for “Hot Waves,” the latest single from its sophomore album Rasa.

We Were The States shot this late night acoustic version of the tune out in public on a Nashville street corner, later editing in split screens for that “Woodstock” documentary effect. The result is a powerful and emotionally raw take on a tune that perfectly shows off singer Justin Webb’s distinctive style.

The band had nearly completed the recording of Rasa when the Nashville floods came. With two feet of water in the basement of their studio, the band thought the record they had worked on for two years would be indefinitely derailed. Regrouping, the Murfreesboro-based five-piece spent long hours on a very limited budget to finish the album.

Working with producers Jesse Newport and Daniel Feese, Webb was encouraged to approach the songs he wrote for Rasa like he had never heard them before. Webb explains that Feese gave him the freedom to try all of the ideas he had in his head.

“A specific example from the record would be ‘Daft Since ‘77’, a song I had the words for, but didn’t know how I wanted to hit on the chorus.” In its completed form, the chorus explodes just how it’s meant to, expressing Webb’s restlessness perfectly amid just the right amount of rock n’ roll sheen.

Rasa, is out now out on Austin’s Chicken Ranch label.

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