Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Alela Diane - Alela Diane & Wild Divine

Alela Diane is a homebody by nature. The Portland-based musician is extremely excited to release her new album titled Alela Diane & Wild Divine released through Rough Trade, on April 5.

However, this is not your typical Alela Diane record. There is no banjo plucked and drenched in ghostly reverb, no violin wielded like fine china at your chest cavity, no chiffon blowing curiously in the wind and most importantly, nothing vaguely freaky going on that goes beyond the inevitable waxing and waning of the moon. Rather, there comes a time when artistic pursuits warrant a new approach--one that reflects personal growth and its continued path--and therein lies the root base of the expanded sounds of Alela Diane & Wild Divine.

Much of Divine’s material was gathered from 2009’s constant travels: penned during long drives in the back of a tour van, and tested in windowless greenrooms overseas. Such environs prove hotbeds for creativity--though it’s rare you can truly harness it in the blur of cities passed--and Alela knew the songs could not be actualized until she fully unpacked her suitcase and settled into the sturdy walls she knew best. And blessed be; once the bags were emptied, they gathered dust for nearly all of 2010, marking the longest hiatus Alela had taken since she’d first embarked on the touring odyssey.

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