Friday, 27 February 2009

BBC/Ice Cream Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

A lot of other places have reported on the latest collection by BBC/Ice Cream a while back, but we have only came to a decision to post up some of the fancy looking ones we thought are interesting. In our last posts, we showed a very attractive gold rucksack from the brand, also from this collection.

Colors chosen for this collection are rather appealing, fine construction with lots of nice apparels and jeans, specifically the ice cream effect denim.

Check out the entire collection over here.

Sigur Ros' Kjartan Sveinsson To Score Film

The instance we read about this, quickly we decide to share it with you if you haven't heard. Sigur Ros' keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson has been commissioned to score an upcoming film by film director Neil Jordan, known as Ondine.

It was said that a couple of tracks from Sigur Ros discography will also be heard in this film. We are already so excited and have since expecting something really good from this movie.

More info via Sigur Ros.

Addict Artist Series 11 - Mitch Clown Series

Addict Clothing unveils the first wave of it's Artist Series 11 tees, presenting the Clown Series by long-time collaborator Mitch. Mitch delivered three designs featuring images of clowns. Not just any amusing clown, this seem a little sluttish, naughty.

Available now at Addict.

Cats On Fire - Our Temperance Movement

Finnish indie pop group Cats On Fire is a band that brings joyful pop vibes to everyone who enjoys a little fun time with a piece of spankin' good tune.

Formed since 2001, the group have released a couple of EPs and a full length, The Province Complains in 2006. Sometime in May, the band will release their second full length album titled Our Temperance Movement through How Does It Feel To Be Loved?.

Get yourself a copy now.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Von Bondies - Love, Hate And Then There's You

Love, Hate And Then There's You is the third compilation of 12 massive garage rock tracks by Detroit-based Von Bondies. The album was released on February 3 with their new label Majordomo Records.

Think of groove-at-will, joyful beats, sing-a-long movement and uncontrollable riot, think of Von Bondies.

On the look out for the European release, as it comes with a bonus CD featuring five unreleased tracks, due out in April via Fierce Panda.

Visvim x Dita Viator Sunglasses

Was released a while back, two strong labels got together to produce a series of stylish eyewear that probably may be a snatch in the market. Japanese label Visvim and LA-based eyewear company Dita tagged along to make this sunglasses, available in black and tortoise.

Get yours now at

Roman Candle - Oh Tall Tree In The Ear

Mention about folk'ish acoustic rock tunes with favorable vocals and sweet harmonica riffs, we glad to introduce a band that fits well to the criteria. Roman Candle is a rock trio band formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1997. Comprise of husband and wife tag team Skip and Timshel Matheny, and Skip's brother Logan.

They have released several EPs and a studio album in the past, and on May 12, the trio are proud to release a new album titled Oh Tall Tree In The Ear, well-crafted harmonious songs accompanied with humongous claps to keep the vibe moving. Sincerely, we thought it's brilliant, great style, makes a heart implode in a sudden. Released through Carnival Recording.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Eugene McGuinness "Fonz" Video

British singer/songwriter Eugene McGuinness is one of the glowing artist in the Liverpool music scene lately. With all the reputable and starry starry reviews on his killer momentum delivering astounding tunes, McGuinness announced his second single titled Fonz, taken off from his eponymous album released a while ago. Check it out. McGuinness is another Domino Records-signing artist.

Electronica to Stardom....Introducing Veto

Great news folks. We got some mad stuffs for ya to listen to. If you're any close to being friends with electronica and alternative, you ought to check out this band called Veto. Hailing from Denmark, the five-piece band delivers strong, upbeat electronica beats mashing up with their eclectic alternative methods.

The band is all set to release their first single titled Built To Fail on March 16. Later on, the band will unveil their debut album Crushing Digits, slated for a April 20 release.

Seriously, check them out.

Evisu Spring 2009 Collection

Japanese premium denim maker Evisu has launched their Spring 2009 collection recently. A little preview what's available in their store to avoid any disappointment heading down to the shop.

Just like old times, we still think the denims they produce are still at best as compared to the other items.

Shop Evisu Spring 2009 collection here.

colette and LA MJC for Sebago Docksides

A preview of the latest collaboration series by Sebago has surfaced. The shoe label have teamed up with two parties - LA MJC and colette to work on a model of their boat shoe range, the Docksides. Both styles featured the colors representing each individual, and sorts of materials were used.

The colette version spots a grey and blue match, and the LA MJC version spots the stylish black and purple style. A lot of branding on this one. Via hypebeast.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Supreme Spring 2009 Collection

Supreme is one of the favorite brands among youths rockin' in the streets today. Either some block rockin' tees or sizzle fo' shizzle accessories, Supreme delivers contemporary products that are widely acceptable to anyone who wants to clinch on something cool.

This Spring 2009, Supreme delivered a whole range of dope collection, a large range of t-shirt collection, long-sleeved shirts on different fabrics, a bunch of accessories and many many more.

Take a complete look at the collection here.

Staple Design Spring 2009 Collection

Jeff Staple presents his latest offerings to spice up his brand Staple Design by creating a whole extensive line of collection for Spring 2009. From graphical tees to button shirts, Staple Design is the brand to hunt for if you're looking forward to be stylish. Here's a couple we thought is interesting. For the complete line up, visit the site now.