Saturday, 30 June 2007

M&M accessories

No, it's not the chocolate beans we're talking about here. It's the Japanese brand M&M we're talking about here. They have recently released some cool accessories along with some apparels in a collaboration work with SHANTii. In line are some pins, crip key rings and some attractive wooden stool. Here's some images for you to enjoy.


Know1edge and Crooks & Castles have collaborated on this new ceramique time-piece called J-Twizzy. Comes in two colorways - a black and a white. Limited to 300 pieces for the white and 200 pieces for the black. It is scheduled to be release soon.

Vans goes animation...

12 notable artists. 1 project. Vans will be doing something pretty much likely interesting in conjunction with the upcoming Simpsons movie. After being inspired by the highly featured Bart Simpsons being a skateboarder, I guess this might be it.

David Flores, Futura, Gary Panter, Geoff McFetridge, KAWS, Mister Cartoon, Neckface, Sam Messer, Stash, Taka Hayashi, Todd James and Tony Munoz are the line-ups for this project. Official launch date will be July 14, so hang on your cheque books.

Here's something fun for you to do in the mean time. Could be fun to create your own Simpsons character. All available here.

New Balance x Thomas I Punkt

NB and Thomas I Punkt worked on their first collaboration to fork out this fresh looking classic 577s.

Grey heather sweat fabric, white full grain leather, multi-colored polka dot print, label on tongue features skyline of Hamburg.

The white edition has 120 pairs, and the polka dots has 74 pairs. Both are numbered and comes in two different laces and an I-Punkt bandana. You can get them by dropping an email to

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Vans Sky Gallery

Vans is undertaking an unprecedented art program titled "Vans Sky Gallery" in LA, inviting 6 notable artists to feature their masterpieces on a billboard in the busy city. Each artist's work will appear for two months, in addition to a group show after at a local gallery November 2008. On top of that, Vans will fork out a sum of money to be donated to local charity organisations, each artist gets to pick one and $1,000 will be given to that particular choice. Of course, there will be themed-artworks and some custom shoes made under the program. As of today, Vans have revealed three of six artists' work:- Marco Zamora, Sage Vaughn and Kelsey Brookes. Three more to go. For more information, login to Vans Sky Gallery official site.

Kelsey Brookes

Marco Zamora

Sage Vaughn

Ubiq + Tim Tsui = Bling

The name's Bling. Brother of Penny. Creation of Tim Tsui. Yet another tempting collaboration this season between Ubiq and Tim Tsui, working on their second 8-inch Dape figure. The designer toy comes with its own detachable Dape medallion, cigar and stunna shades. An absolute limited run of 200 units, worldwide. You can get it for $94 via Ubiq.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Roger Federer by Nike

A new range of Nike tennis kits would be out pretty soon as we see Roger Federer striking his fifth consecutive win to the Wimbledon title.

The collection consists of bespoke jacket, sweater, warm-up trousers, a luxurious-looking leather tennis bag and some on-court performance outfit. All products abide with the tournament's rules & regulations on the dress code, yet it features some gold prints.

The shoe is awesome, but i love the bag the most. Have yet to look at the others, and i'm trying real hard to find em'. Hang on!

Converse (Product) Red - Music Collabo'

A rather hot collabo' in addition to the Converse (Product) Red line-up. What we have here indeed are some music collaborations between renowned rockers include The Ramones, Kaiser Chiefs and Ricky Powell.

The Ramones features distressed faded black hi-top, with a patch attached on its side.

Kaiser Chiefs one are pretty common, as you can see the only difference is some print on its tongue.

The color combination for Ricky Powell's could be stinky, but the name is there to make this piece a sold-out version. Some threads can be spotted all over the checkered material.

Price ranged between $55 to $75, and will be available as of August. Hang on tight. You might wanna go to your local music store and get some of Kaiser Chiefs singles or Ramones collection first.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Interpol - Our Love To Admire

New York based indie rock outfit Interpol released their third album Our Love To Admire. The official release date is July 10, but the album can be found in numerous locations. Some assholes leaked it for download recently.

A great success from their previous albums has lead them to major label deal, although not too indie for now, but their spirit for the music they make are still charismatic strong. All i can say is, underground bands will sight them as 'influence' or 'inspiration' to the music industry.

The bottom line, one of the 'must-get' albums for quarter 3. You wouldn't wanna be left out when your friends are listening to No I In Threesome or Rest My Chemistry, and you're still with Na Na Na Na Naa.

Burn My Shadow by UNKLE

British trip hop group UNKLE released the video of their latest single Burn My Shadow, taken from their third full-length album entitled War Stories, expected to release on July 9 in UK and July 24 in North America.

War Stories features 16 new tracks from the duo and some other guest appearances including Ian Astbury (the vocals for this video), Autolux, Gavin Clark, 3D, among others. Their a limited copy for this album which features a bonus CD consisting of 12 instrumental versions of the tracks.

This video starred Croatian actor Goran Visnjic.

Burn My Shadow EP are already made available in stores in three different versions:- CD, 12 and 7 inch. The 12 and 7 inch are pretty limited. The single cover is pretty eerie, but the song covers it all.

Michael Lau x Nike Pro Figures

There! The completed version of the figures posted earlier. The figures are geared up with the favorites of the featured superstars. It will not be available for sale, but it will be for auction between June 25 - July 5, a tie-up auction between Nike HK and Yahoo HK. If you're not thinking of spending any money on these figures, another way to win this is by playing the Nike Pro Train Simulator, which started since June 18, and will be ending on July 18.

For close-up shots, visit Hypebeast for more.

Straight to the Point in stores now...

Former Poetic Ammo member Point Blanc will be releasing his new album Straight to the Point on June 26 nationwide. Featuring 14 songs and 26 tracks, Point's debut album will be retailing at a generous RM19.90.
His singles Ipohmali and KL Lheng Chai has been aired in local radio stations a couple of months back. Expect to listen to some powerful collabo' of the year with featured guests including MC Yan from Hong Kong, Malaysian Idol stars Jaclyn Victor, Vick Teoh and Paul Moss, Project Superstars John Wee, Des and Jane, local hip hop acts Fabulous Cars, KLG Sqwad, Emcee David, IVI, Caprice, Wordsmanifest, among others.

Straight to the Point is locally produced by Point himself and Voyeur Records's beatmaker Major R.E.

Monday, 25 June 2007

iPhone case so soon?!

It's not even release yet and Incase has already previewed an upcoming case for iPhone. Just look at the super magnetic demand supply chain on these Apple goods. Can you just tolerate these kind of nonsense? Fuck Apple, but, they are fucking beautiful! Simple design, superb marketing strategy, intelligent brainworks. Anyway, here's the upcoming case by Incase.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Controversy Ad: Celcom vs. DiGi

I found this mini animation done by some anonymous dude on DiGi's Yellow Man being crushed to death by Celcom's giant figure. Guess it took the whole inspiration from Happy Tree Friends, the gore and violence in cartoon animation. But anyway, it's hell of a good watch to proof that the yellow guy isn't the only thing that's following you. Let's not forget we have the blue and green man...

There's a part two for this. Check it out here..

Beastie Boys "The Mix Up" Limited Edition T-Shirt

Undefeated and Union will be having a listening party for Beastie Boys' new album, The Mix Up on June 25th. The only thing that's bothering me is it is not in Malaysia!! Such a bullshit seductive news for Beastie fans!! It's not about the listening party. It's about the limited edition t-shirt that they will be distributing during the event that's bugging me! Artwork done by Noah Butku. Shoot!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Solebox x Gelaskins x Puma Clyde Ipod Skin

Something that I assume all Ipod users would love to hear of. Something I guess Ipod enthusiasts who loves styling their gadgets would be interested to this.
A gorgeous-looking accessory Ipod skin, Solebox and Gelaskins joint force to create this Puma Clyde inspired skin. Only 75 pieces are produced. 50 pieces are available at MusicSkins. Quite costly to spend $19.99 on a skin, so do think twice before hitting the purchase button.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Levi's Mobile Phone coming soon!

Have you heard that the denim giants are releasing their very own line of mobile phones? Yeap, that's so fucking true and the world's loving it! It's pretty weird for Levi's popping out some mobile phones, but, who cares? It's the era of style. People love blending.

They've got a website ready to keep fans updated on the phone release. In the website, they have a press release announcing on the phone release, as well as a video on the phone. Be sure to check it out cos' it'll be the talk-of-the-day among your friends. Expected to be release in September 2007.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Headporter line-up

Honeeyee presented this link to a whole lot range of Headporter releases for 2007. Some were announced earlier, some are quite fresh looking. We've got coin purse, wallets, messengers, pouches, slings and totes. Some designs featured HP's classic monogram design, multi-colored polka dots, sharp shiny metallic materials, among others. For a clearer vision of the collection, click here.

A special announcement to all HP fans out there. Shop with care. Do not evolve to some HP maniac and grab as much as you can. It's crazy. Plus the price are madness for a fucking pouch. Becareful. Shop with care. Extensive care.

NB Super Team 33

New Balance will release their latest batch of the Super Team 33 collection by the European NB team soon. This round comes in three different colors; white, blue and orange. Nice black/white wording patch design. The fading polka dots look just fine. The colors are pretty dull to me. I guess it would be a greater collection if it's in green, white and purple. Lots of holes. Too many indeed.
Expect to see this collection in July 20, exclusively available only at 33 lucky retailers worldwide at USD 200.


another art exhibition held by Asylum. Check out soon!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Cities By Artists by Adidas

Some brilliant collabo' did this fall and I'm falling for Adidas this month. "Cities by Artists" features some of the coolest design of the year by Beinghunted, Kazuki, C-Law, Pontus Karlsson and Jupiter. The tees featured graphics from the artists and a special side tag on the tip of the sleeve, a picture of the artist. They are made available exclusively at several stores only. And one of them can be found here. Here's some pictures adapted from SneakersnStuff.

Beinghunted for Berlin

Kazuki for Tokyo

C-Law for London

Pontus Karlsson for Stockholm

Jupiter for L.A


What's that you asked? Curiosity sinkin' you down deep?

Preview: X-Large New Release

Zozo recently previewed some of the X-Large latest release in their webpage. Expect to see some new graphic tees, sleeveless, polo tee, wallet, trucker hat, jeans and a watch. I, personally love the watch among the range. Too bad it's plastic, it would look much nicer if it's chronography stainless steel. 5,040 yen. More in their site here.

Nike x Michael Lau Figures

A little preview on the latest collabo' between Nike Pro and renowned HK artist Michael Lau, best known for his LMF figures. Here's three unpainted figures for you to look at; Kobe Bryant, Ronaldinho and Roger Federer. Stay tune for the complete version. Image via Hypebeast.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Editors - An End Has a Start

British indie rock outfit Editors are back with their new album An End Has a Start, since their 2005's Back Room. The first single, Smokers Outside the Hospital Door could be treated one of the world class songs ever made this year. Frontman Tom Smith has this style of acting like a retard with great vocals. Yet, their stage act still looks great with that awkward movements.

Me like the climax of the intro, his piano rhythms then to those hard-whacking distorted strings, the drummer did an excellent job in creating such catchy beat, being on a lucky side for not spoiling the whole song. Impressive job done.

Here's a live video of them performing their single in Later....with Jools Holland. The official music video is also available for viewing, so take a look as well, ya?

Rooney's scores...

No, no! Not that Rooney. Five-piece band Rooney is what we're referring to. The indie rock quintet, urm, well, they aren't indie since Geffen signed them, so yeah, once indie...will be releasing their latest album sometime in mid-July, entitled Calling The World.

When Did Your Heart Go Missing is their current single at the moment. I'm sure the music video is made available in all music channel since the band has been commercialized since their very first. But anyway, here's the video for your generous judgment of the boys.

Some acclaimed their style are inspired by late bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys. They do look alike with their retro look though., let's not waste time, and enjoy this piece!

Upcoming from Yellowcard, Paper Walls...

This is it, the long-waited-for follow up album of pop punk favorite, Yellowcard, with their latest piece entitled Paper Walls, expecting to release this July 17. The band has been gigging around playing numerous new tracks from this upcoming album, including Fighting and Light Up The Sky.

Yellowcard is best known for being the punk band that has a violinist, creating a whole new unique genre mix and matching. And guess what, it sounds just perfectly awesome. There are a couple of recorded live shows available at Youtube, so take some time to view it if you're interested to know how they sound like.

Friday, 15 June 2007

New Nike Defi Court Release

Footurama reported on this interesting release, the Defi Court featured in a material rather quite similar to the ones you can find one fruit wrappers. No joke, it really looks like the ones that used to wrap apples in night markets. Not really a brilliant design I think, but it still looks cool enough with its unique, weird yet daring look on it. I'm assuming it won't hit much of an attention to sneak' collectors out there, but I'm sure there are people who loves to be different than others. No release date has been announced. So, sit still while we get some for you. More info via Footurama.

Optimystik x Madfoot on Mad One

Optimystik and Madfoot got together on their second collaboration - this time, a Mad One shoe. Made of white patent leather, the shoe is covered up with lines of patterns all over the shoe, and the best thing when you turn off the lights, it glows. It might be a big thing for glow in the dark shoe, but just take a look at this one. Beautifully designed and you thought it's a complicated shoe designed, but, it's just another plain white shoe from far. Patterns on the shoe was taken from a version of Optimystik's Blink Camo. As usual, it will be release so limited that people can snatch and kill for this. Coming this November. Check it out.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Smashing Pumpkin's Zeitgeist preview

This is specifically to all long time Smashing Pumpkins fan. The good news is, you all know that the Pumpkins are reuniting once again to record this new album of theirs entitled Zeitgeist, which we had reported about it months ago.

And today, here's a little preview on the ups downs lefts rights on the making of their latest piece. The background music is their soon-to-be single, Tarantula. I'm actually expecting to see the music video in a week or two time. Once again, the album is set to launch on July 9.

The current SP line-up is without both James Iha and D'arcy Wretzky, and were replaced by former The Lassie Foundation guitarist Jeff Schroeder and former Halo Friendlies bassist Ginger Reyes. Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin remains the old line-up.