Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's Announce Two New Albums

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's is an 8-piece chamber pop musical collective comprise of a group of friends tracking back from Indiana, where it all begun in 2005, and released their first record The Dust of Retreat. Thereafter, the group have triggered more albums and their latest release comes in two separate albums, Animal! and Not Animal, both releases are the recorded with Epic Records.

Animal! is the band's official second full length debut, whereas, Not Animal is a label-compiled collection of songs.

A handful of contagious pop tunes made by a radiant combination of acoustic guitars and basses, trumpet, percussion, lap steel, violin, keyboard, bells, cello and banjo. We called it melodically satisfactory standard, specially giving credits to Richard Edwards voice.

Probably you might wanna check out their MySpace page since there's lots of stuff to check out.

Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

American punk rock vegetarians Rise Against is all heads out to pop their fifth studio album Appeal To Reason, on October 7 through Geffen Records.

Speculating another huge success succeeding the routes of their highly preceding album, The Sufferer & The Witness released in 2006.

Their first single is Re-Education (Through Labor). Click here to check out the music video.

Some of the names they cited as influence include Nirvana, Bad Religion, All, Black Flag, Minor Threat and Pennywise.

sir gila k. verdict:- Not a superb fan of punk rock, but experimenting with new things once in a while is not a bad thing though. So, yea. Fortunately, the grasping melodies attracts a submerged workaholic to minutes of cubicle destruction. That means it's seemingly acceptable and interesting.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Mr. Meeble - Never Trust The Chinese

Phoenix-based electronica trio Mr. Meeble issues a warning to everyone who checks out their debut album, Never Trust The Chinese.

It first came to my mind whether to post this up since the album title is seemingly offensive to a billion people in the world, however, I thought, it's worth a mention cos' we're talking about spreading good music to the world.

Never Trust The Chinese has moments of smooth, breathy vocals over spacey synths, chilled-out rhodes and orchestral strings. The curious mix of stops, glitches, pops, whizzes, bleeps, stuters, and scratches together with sweeping, sometimes unnerving, visceral emotion is as close to opposites becoming singularly effetive as you will find in music, or any art form, for that matter.

We're speaking of some brilliantly-composed identical trip hop beats with soulful electronica pop rhythms.

Some free tunes for you to download.

JangHeung Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

JangHeung Art Museum.
it took me an hour ++ to get there, reason :
1. We need to get the subway --> Bus number 360 --> Bus number 15
2. No one speaks english, but i got my very own interpreter.
3. This museum located at a quite rural area, which you might feel that it's more like an old folk place, cos hardly see any teenagers but kids~~
This is the park inside the art museum. See the mountain in front of it?
Now you know why it get me an hour ++ to get there? Hahahaha...
It's totally out of the city. But trust me, it worth all the hassle~~ (for people who interested in art/design)
Kinda dissapointed that Yoshitomo Nara work isn't there. ;(
So below is the first one I'm going to show... more to come :

Artist : Bahk Seon-ghi
Title : Existence - Stairs
Material : Charcoals, nylon threads, etc

This is kinda cool, because when you stand at different angle, you'll get different picture.
great work~~

stay tune! more to go~~

Crooked Tongues x adidas 'Oktoberfest' München

A new collaborative pair of adidas footwear with Crooked Tongues, commemorating Munich's Oktoberfest, Europe's largest beer event. Picked München as the base, it spots a dual tone application with a mix of premium soft leather and suede, playing with a little color matching. Limited to 300 pairs worldwide.

You can purchase it here now.

Nike Blazer Hi Premium "Wood-Inspired"

Discover the madness of a great drop by Nike releasing it's Blazer Hi inspired by the pieces of wood dressing, from the mid sole to the toebox to the back heel. Made in black, it will be available soon at Mita. More pictures if you click the link.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Eagles of Death Metal - Heart On

American hard rock duo Eagles of Death Metal presents their third studio album Heart On on October 28 through Downtown Records.

"EODM's latest fabulous weapon, a top-secret music missile, a sonic warhead sexually tipped for her pleasure, shot from the deck of USS EODM Mantastic Fantastic," a comment given by lead singer Jesse Hughes when asked about their upcoming album.

This is not a death metal band if you're being led to assume by the band's name, EODM brings you infectious rock tunes, urging listeners to headbanging and stage diving and ground hops. The blend of Hughes killer vocals with those massive rock vibes, turns out to be one kick ass album.

Team Genius Releases Debut Album

Brooklyn pop band Team Genius constructed its self-titled debut full length and set to release to the world on October 7.

“Basically it’s a reaction to the modern way music is consumed and listened to,” band leader Drew Hermiller says of the disc. “The idea of an album with a focused sound and a complete statement kind of gets lost now-a-days. Everyone shuffles around, so I thought ‘why not write an album that does the same thing?’ Luckily, the band did an awesome job of keeping up with it.”

“Hopefully there is still a strong enough sense of our personalities and my quirky style of writing that ties the songs together,” Drew muses.

Carrot x Estevan Oriol

Serbian Carrot Clothing have commissioned LA professional photographer Estevan Oriol to create a special masterpiece featuring shots taken by the photographer himself. The front of the tee has a print of a gorgeous lady and branding of both names can be found on the back.

Be available in the coming months. Via Carrot.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Jay-z Announce New Label, StarRoc

After dropping his title as President of Def Jam, Jay-Z unveiled to the press that the American rapper will team up with Stargate to form a new label called StarRoc.

"The focus is to find new talent and develop artists through mutually beneficial global partnerships which include music distribution, publishing, touring and merchandising," a statement by the team.

A highlight on Jay-Z's new album Blueprint 3 might be released on this new label, reported to be produced by Timbaland.

Via NME.

Puma First Round Sketch

An appealing new look to Puma's First Round. An impression of the sneaker that it's being sketched-to-live, making it seemingly attractive and unique. I'm sure some have seen something similar from the past, something like Nike's One Piece. The First Round will come in several colorways and will be coming soon. Via Ken Lu.

Jhung Yuro x Hennessy Limited Edition Hi-Top

Jhung Yuro is a luxury lifestyle brand in 2005 by designers Jhung Yuro and Ceasar Lunix. On a recent news, the luxury label has teamed up with Hennessy and created an awesome-looking limited edition kick. Called The Hennessy Celebration Hi-Top, the sneaker is made of various premium materials backed by the colors representing the similarities of the cognac.

The luxurious sneaker will be packaged in an exotic skin embossed shoebox with a braided shoebox handle. As reported, it will retail for $300, and available exclusively at Jhung Yuro on December 1. Only 500 pairs made available only in the US.

Via Jhung Yuro, HighSnobiety.

Gravis x The Hundreds 'Black Box' Collection

In 2007, Gravis invited The Hundreds to touch up on their Black Box collection. A project initiated to use some of the most favorable Gravis products such as their Lowdown sneakers and Jetway roller bag, and apply designs contributed the team from The Hundreds - the custom JAGS print and the Atom Bomb logo.

These are released as a limited edition range and will be available at Gravis Black Box stockists worldwide, The Hundreds boutiques and the online store this coming October 2008. More info here.

Marc Jacobs 10th Anniversary Mouse Flats by KAWS

A forthcoming project between Marc Jacobs and KAWS to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Marc Jacobs' Mouse Flats. They invited the artist to add his iconic designs on it.

Only 200 pairs were made for the billions of people worldwide. It will be available on September 29, exclusively at colette, OriginalFake and Marc Jacobs stores. Superb!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Deepset - The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes

One of the few instrumental rock bands to look out for if you're traveling to Kuala Lumpur, I am proud to introduce Deepset, a quartet based in the KL city, been in the underground music scene since late '02, later proceeded with a self-produced album in 2005, and started gigging around town in local joints.

Caught them in a couple of shows, the band remained less-in-motion before the music started whining itself through the booms. As it sways it's way louder, the moment comes.....

They recently released a new album, The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes.

A video of them performing their song Where Were They (When The Fun Went Out?)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mita x Reebok 'Flashback 1997' Insta Pump Fury

An upcoming collaboration between Japanese sneaker store Mita and Reebok to release an updated impression of the hot and famous Insta Pump Fury.

Given quite an honorable name for the classic kick, the Flashback 1997 comes in a white, cream and brown color mix, several types of quality materials and some branding on both labels.

Coming soon.

Via Flauge.

adidas azx 'Y' Design Contest

Whoa. If you're that person who kept track on the ongoing of adidas' azx series and loving that brilliant idea, at the same time eager to have your own design on a pair, then this might be an interesting article for you.

Here it is, adidas opened the 'Y' slot to anyone who wants to contribute their creativity to a ZX700. The competition is open to anyone whose got an idea on their own pair of ZX700. So sneakerheads and creativeheads, get yourself together and design your very own pair now.

Well, aside from getting your name out to the world, the winner will also receive 1000 euros and 10 pairs of your design.

You can get more information on how to participate over here.

Vivian Girls Announce Debut Album

Vivian Girls is another all-female band worth a mention. A trio from Brooklyn formed about a year ago, pretty new, yet already sounding like a familiar veteran from an underground indie joint. Their musical styles have similarities to the likes of punk rock, indie rock, shoegaze, maybe a little blend of feminine pop.

Started off with a self-recorded demo CD-R and developed strong impact to fans remembering their names. Followed by a single earlier this year, and this upcoming self-titled debut release coming October 7 through In The Red Records.

Crunchy distorted guitar strums, deep thronging bass grinding through an energetic punk drumming work. Certainly the greatest blend of all time in rock history!

Dear And The Headlights - Drunk Like Bible Times

An American rock band from Arizona, Dear And The Headlights elaborates their musical styles through a variant of mix from indie pop to folk rock to rock.

On September 30, the band will release their follow-up to their debut (Small Steps, Heavy Hooves), Drunk Like Bible Times through Equal Vision Records.

A quote by vocalist Ian Metzger in an interview, "I think part of the issue with the first record is that we demoed a bunch of songs, and we just demoed them to death......By the time we ended up recording the actual record, I had to go in and sing about stuff that I didn't even slightly relate to anymore. When we went into the studio and heard the polished version, we're like, 'Ugh! It's a little lifeless.' On this record, we didn't demo any of the songs. We let playing them out live kind of be the demo just by playing it out and remembering how it sounds live."

If you're considering bands like Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, Copeland and Brandtson, this is one of the selection that you won't wanna leave out.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Margaret Howell for Porter

Porter unveiled a new collection with Margaret Howell, currently seen here is a stylish messenger bag. Aside from achieving the quality standards and punctual design, the simple looking, less-branding bag has a horizontal reflective tape on the outer, a couple of pockets and sleeves once the flap is wide opened, a strap that have the ability to switch whether to use it on either your left or right shoulder, and last but not least, the inner lining has got some attractive colors.

The messenger bag is available in two colors - black and olive, and both colors are available in two different sizes - a small and medium. Full details and images on this particular bag can be found via AllBeams.com.

Air Jordan 1 'Low Phat'

Check this one out. Jordan have chosen the Air Jordan 1 as the base to produce the all new Air Jordan 1 Low Phat. Considered as a skate shoe due to the heavy padding on the shoe, otherwise, it looks similar to the original one. Available in two different colorways, these are now available at eBay.

MURS - Murs For President

MURS, an acronym for Making Underground Raw Shit, is the stage name of American underground rapper Nick Carter. One of the many reputable independent rappers in the West Coast, he has released several solo albums, and is part of other rap groups including Living Legends, Felt, 3 Melancholy Gypsys and Log Cabin Crew.

Signed to Warner Bros Records, MURS will be releasing his seventh studio album, Murs For President on September 30. In this album will see guest artists include Snoop Dogg and Will.I.Am. This is his first album with a major record label.

Take a vote for MURS entertaining flow, scrumptious dup-dup-dap beats, lyrically brilliant lines and some deep baselines to get the other instruments all geared up to make music. Simply tremendous! You'll get yourself a hell of a president.

Check out his music on MySpace.

Mercury Rev Unveils Two New Albums

American rock group Mercury Rev unveils two new studio albums, Snowflake Midnight and Strange Attractor, both to be release on September 29.

Snowflake Midnight is a set of nine self-luminous, astonishing new songs from the band which will be available in physical CD format. However, the companion Strange Attractor is an 11-track album which will be given as a free MP3 download.

The first thing that came across our minds, "marketing strategy". Instead of compiling them into a double-disc album, which most bands apply, they took this step to release two separate albums on the same date. Well, let's not highlight the fact that Strange Attractor will be a bigger catch to Rev's fans, it seems like we have a winner of the month here - the most generous one.

First single is Sense of Fire. The EP featured remix versions by Fujiya & Miyagi and James Holden. (check out their MySpace to listen to it while you still can)

You're just too curious to find out how you can get the free download, ain't ya? OK, click on this link to find out how.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Close Up: size? x Fred Perry Gingham Pack

Some close up image on the Fred Perry x size? Gingham pack.

Announced earlier last month, here now we get to show you a closer picture on how the actual product look like. Everything with an additional question mark makes a big difference. Now available via size? online store.

Chairlift - Does You Inspire You

Might ring a bell to you if you watched the latest iPod Nano commercial already. The Brooklyn-based electro trio Chairlift's song Bruises was chosen the background music for the commercial. How wonderful is that? (click here to watch the commercial.)

On September 30, the trio will release a new album, Does You Inspire You through Kanine Records.

The album is filled with a vary mix of emotions. Bruises keeps you chirpy and jumpy, Planet Earth brings you through a journey through a twirl path, Earwig Town placed you behind dark curtains. Like anyone can imagine.

Vocalist Caroline Polachek reminds me of the soulful voice something similar to Cat Power and Feist.

Wouldn't rate this as the greatest album of all time, but it will definitely keep you going for a while.

Check out Planet Health....

Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew

After the departure from Irish folk singer Damien Rice's band, Lisa Hannigan continues her musical journey and started writing her own music.

Track by track, her first solo effort came to reality. Titled Sea Sew, her debut was self-released on September 12. Backed by a couple of friends she knew before including a couple of them from Rice's band.

The album is packaged in a hand-made sleeve, whereby Hannigan did the sewing herself.

Hannigan has one of the most adorable vocals of all the songstress I heard of as of today, and when she first sang with Damien Rice, I thought she was amazing and made a good pair with Rice. Now she's fronting her own musical project, and she proves that she is anyway more than capable to outshine her talents not by backing other people's. Seriously, one heck of a talent.

You can purchase Sea Sew on her official website.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Joseph Arthur - Temporary People

Well, well. It's about time. The long-waited for seventh full length from Joseph Arthur, Temporary People is scheduled to release on September 30 through his self-label Lonely Astronaut Records.

The highly-anticipated release was preceded with a series of four EPs, which a partial we reported earlier ; Could We Survive EP, Crazy Rain EP, Vagabond Skies EP and Foreign Girls EP, all released on several dates.

The earlier title for this 'new' album announced was said to be All You Need Is Nothing.

Arthur performing Temporary People live...

Ani DiFranco - Red Letter Year

American singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco unveils her forthcoming studio album Red Letter Year, set to release on September 30 through Righteous Babe Records.

Having released more than 19 albums in her career, she's presented as one of the prolific artist in living history and a talented vocalist.

Red Letter Year is suggested to be the most favorable record to all her previous releases. "When I listened to my new records, I hear a very relaxed me, which I think has been absent in a lot of my recorded canon. Now I feel like I'm in a really good place. My partner Mike Napolitano co-produced this record - my guitar and voice have never sounded better, and that's because of him. I've got this great band and crew. And my baby, she teaches me how to just be in my skin, to do less and be more." - a quote commented by DiFranco.

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2008 Accessories

It all begun back in 2002, when the cooperation between renowned Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and worldwide recognition sports brand adidas made a revolutionary change to the fashion industry blending authentic sportswear with top-notch designer work. adidas' sub-line with Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3 made it's debut appearance with a definitive spring '03 collection and achieved tremendous responses, stretched it's success till this day.

Presenting a superb fine collection for their fall/winter '08 line, a remarkable range indeed comprising of huge varieties of subtle-designed performance gears.

We take this good opportunity to show you a couple of those we thought are interesting and dashing. Firstly, the top 10 sneakers we eyed-picked thought the designs are awesome and stylish.

Secondly, the top 10 goods from the accessories section we thought might be a lot useful to the everyday life routines.

That's not just it, there's a whole lot more to check out on their website, so if you're triggered by these, head on to their site now.