Monday, 29 October 2007

My Chemical Romance in Malaysia

We reported about My Chemical Romance's visit to Singapore on December 11 earlier, and for those who planned to go already, you might wanna think twice cos' the emo boys are going to perform here in Malaysia two days before going to the lion city!

December 9
Stadium Merdeka, KL.

For more information or ticket pricing, feel free to visit Ticket Pro.

The Dykeenies - Nothing Means Everything

We present you another mighty hot recommendation of the month, the Scottish indie new wave band, The Dykeenies. The quintet released a debut album not too long ago, Nothing Means Everything, signed under Lavolta Records.

An 11-tracks album filled with rich new wave ingredients to art pop fillings to modern rock toppings to indie sinking synth materials, singles like New Ideas and Clean Up Your Eyes has reached the top in the Scot' charts.

Stitches is their latest single taken from the debut album.

Nike/Supreme Air Trainer TWII

Nike SB and Supreme introduced a new collection, Air Trainer TWII, comes in four colorways, and some matching baseball jackets. November 8 has been pronounced the release date at Supreme's New York and Los Angeles stores, and November 9 at all Supreme Japan stores.

Fancy a pair? Go there. Perhaps you could just bid one via eBay.

More pictures and info via Supreme.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Stussy x Turntable Lab - Serato DJ Bags

A new collaboration between streetwear giant Stussy and Turntable Lab, they created these cool bags - Serato DJ Backpack and Tote Bag. Dive for information below.

Serato DJ Backpack is made of 100% ballistic nylon, measures at 12" (w) x 20" (h), capable to store up to 15 vinyls, contains an inner laptop compartment, a Stussy-Lab branded flashlight, tonal camouflage interior and accents, removable waterproof cover, padded back with air-flow technology and a large exterior mesh pocket. The backpack retails at 120 USD.

Serato DJ Tote Bag is made of the same quality, 100% ballistic nylon, measures at 13" (w) x 15" (h) x 8" (d), fully padded, holds up to 40 vinyls, top of bag can be zippered off for crate style access, has an inner laptop compartment, removable case for Serato interface, tonal camouflage interior and accents, an inner mesh pocket for cables and is water resistant bottom. The Tote Bag retails at 100 USD.

Both bags are available via Stussy Direct.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Nike Luxurious Pack

100 selected guests from the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 will be given the privilege to own this new and exciting pack by Nike, termed as the 'luxurious' pack, on November 1. Bear in mind, this pack will not be available at any retail stores cos' it's not for sale! (unless that person decided to sell it off, like that will never happen!)

The pack consists of a pair Dunk Hi, made of black patent leather, and other details in red and gold, a nice decent shirt, a luxurious suitcase trolley and a stylish hoody.

Bape HK x Octopus Prepaid Card

On November 3, Bape HK and Octopus Cards will be teaming up to create an exclusive smartcard, where it all functions like any other Octopus smartcards which can be used at over 450 merchants in Hong Kong, the only difference, is strictly stylish and exclusive! The pack comes with the card itself and a card holder with strap. Hunt em' down, HK-ers....

Daft Punk's Alive 2007 Coming Soon!

Electronic music duo Daft Punk will soon be releasing a new live album, Alive 2007 on November 19, recorded during their performance in Paris from their Alive 2007 tour. The two-disc set contains some of their greatest hits throughout their career and a new single, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger on disc-1, along with five extra enhanced tracks from the show's encore session on disc-2.

Human, Together, One More Time, Music Sounds Better With You
and Stardust (Instrumental) it is.

Disc-2 also contains a live music video of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, directed by Oliver Gondry, featuring 250 footage shots by 250 audiences at the Brooklyn appearance. Comes with a 55-page booklet filled with pictures taken on the tour.

The music video will be officially released for viewing on MTV this weekend.

Upon purchase of the album in Japan, you will get a pair of Be@rbrick figures which is pretty limited to 3000 sets worldwide only. Hurry before it's too late.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New Balance M574 x AVENJ

New Balance continue it's adventurous journey seeking for notable talents to be included in the Artist Series. Some renowned humans such as Josh Wisdumb and Eric Haze has contributed their masterpieces already. The latest addition to the lineup is Sean D'Anconia, designer of Her Majesty's Secret Studio to drop an erotic hot pair of M574. Dressed with a bright yellow base, the whole shoe consists of drawings and collages from the designer to create such wonderful piece. I adore this, seriously. This is worth the price you pay. More info and images via Atmos.

Genevieve Gauckler Mug & Coaster

Another Genevieve Gauckler project, she teamed up with Medicom Toy to produce two new products inspired by her previous designs, the Yeah 59% and Ouch 41% mugs, and some beautiful coasters that comes in several colors.

For a mug that's worth 40 euros, it taste like vodka eventhough it's distilled water. Sarcasm. It's a great item to display your shelves though. Available via Colette.

More Air Force 1s?

More upcoming AF1s in the future. Hunt em' down, fellas. Here's the Safari, Mowabb, Wildwood and 'Air Max 97'.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

My Chemical Romance in Singapore on December...

Multi-platinum alternative rockers My Chemical Romance will be heading to Singapore for a show this coming December. It's a Black Parade gig. Yea. On the 11th night of the month, the emo quintet will be performing at The MAX Pavilion, Singapore Expo. Ticket price ranging from $75 to $95.

I know you wanna go watch, admit it. Go. Go. Go get your tix at Sistic.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Courtney Love to be Executive Producer?

Courtney Love will be executive producing an upcoming film on her late-husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. This highly-anticipated movie will be based on Charles Cross' 2001 biography Heavier Than Heaven which include accounts gleaned from Cobain's unpublished journals as well as information from Cobain's family and friends, and screenwriter David Benioff is gonna sum it all up into a film!

No castings has been done yet, so, hang on tight for more info.

Comfy Room Socks by Nike

OK! This is actually made as a winter collection, some sort of protection against chilly floor, like marbles and stuffs. But, who gives a shit what season is such comfy slippers are for?

After 10 long hours walking around town with your $500 black suede shoes, or those 3-inch Jimmy Choos for the ladies, you're bound to get a little treatment for your feet with a comfortable slippers at home. The Nike Room Socks, a newly launched slippers specially made for those who wants comfort when they walk at home, or maybe at their workplace. Comes in five different colorways. Available at Mita.

Get Lomo with White Stripes!

For those whose into photography and visual effect art, Lomography released a series of co-branded models with award-winning band White Stripes. It's basically another attempt on re-releasing previous models, Diana+ and Holga, they both come in individual packages for Jack and Meg White.

Each pack comes with special additions differently. Available at the Lomography Shop.

'Arty' Rubbish Bins on Orchard Road?

A part of the responsibilities to protect the neat environment of Singapore, colorful rubbish bins will be placed along Orchard Road, the main shopping destination in the country, estimated to be up on December. Singapore Press Holdings and Paragon Shopping Centre are sponsoring the effort, and has urged all young artists to flash their talents on the 88 bins which will be displayed on Orchard Road for three months. On the bins, there will be also taglines and phrases to keep the citizens from polluting the street.

After three months, the painted bins will be displayed on The Straits Times' interactive portal for voting purposes. And for those who wants to purchase it after, can do so if they are willing to spend $500 each.

This environment protection project is called Creative Home. Log on to the official website to participate.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

iLiKETRAiNS - Elegies to Lessons Learnt

iLiKETRAiNS is an English post-rock band formed in Leeds. They have recently released their very first studio length album entitled Elegies to Lessons Learnt.

I thought it would probably sound nicer if it's going instrumental, but with the vocals, it sounds fine too. iLiKETRAiNS is capable to bring your emotions to a destination at traveling speed, so fast that you can never imagine how fast you go. Those incredible range of frequency spins you around, gets you afloat on thin air just in seconds after listening to those great guitar riffs.

Most definitely, the outrageous unstably drum beats provided all the energy on the timing for terrifying climaxes.

If you're totally digging Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mono, Sigur Ros or Set Fire to Flames, be sure to give yourself a chance to discover the other part of post-rock music.

Here's one of their songs taken from this album, The Deception.

Can't get enough already? Here's another one for you, Spencer Perceval.

Still not enough?! Damn, you're so hard to be pleased! More videos and live gigs can be viewed here.

Athlete - Beyond The Neighbourhood

One of the most brilliant britpop bands in London, Athlete's third studio album, Beyond the Neighbourhood made a big climb up the UK charts, the top five spot indeed, ever since the release on September 3.

Beyond the Neighbourhood has shown some progressions compared to the last two albums released. Addictive hooks with attractive melodies, it just blend so well with the vocals.

Here's their first single, Hurricane.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Fill Up The Room by Saturday Looks Good To Me

Groove and clap your hands along with Saturday Looks Good To Me's very new album, Fill Up The Room. The seventh release throughout the band's formation since 1999, they have been experimenting indie pop in all sorts of angles, in various techniques and ways. Beach Boys-inspired music, just a little electronic, a little more synthesizers, a little lo-fi, a little bit of Jens Lekman feel.

Coming soon this October 23.

Saves The Day - Under the Boards

Under the Boards is the ninth release by New Jersey's four-piece indie rock outfit Saves The Day. An album about self-discovery which started with it's first, Sound The Alarm, there will be another concluding album announced called Daybreaker, which will be released sometime next year. According to frontman Chris Conley, Sound The Alarm is an expression of discontent, Under the Boards is reflection and remorse, and Daybreak is acceptance. It's all connected like a story being told.

Under the Boards will be released on October 30. In the meantime, two tracks Can't Stay the Same and Get Fucked Up from the new album was released for fans at the band's MySpace page.

Also expect another new release from the band, Bug Sessions: Volume Two EP, something similar like the first one, Bug Sessions: Volume One, this special release will be only available for fans who come to the band's tour.

Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me

A little punk stuffs perhaps would make your day a brighter one, at least it makes you walk way more lively than sorrow-drowning tunes. American pop-punk Motion City Soundtrack is no stranger to all punk fans out there. They have released numerous EPs and albums and Even If It Kills Me is their third. The album is co-produced by Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger.

Even If It Kills Me is one pop-influenced album, with catchy tunes and glittering beats that symbolizes the greatest blend between punk and pop, into one. Highly compared with other bands like Death Cab For Cutie, Green Day, All American Rejects, Weezer and Fall Out Boy. So if you're anywhere close being obsess to these bands, it's the right choice for you.

Listen to This is For Real, It Had To Be You, The Conversation and Even If It Kills Me.

AF1 25th Anniversary Windrunner release

Celebrating its 25th year and still standing strong classic sneakers Air Force 1, Nike got Hectic Crew to design this new windrunner jacket, featuring all-over print of various models of AF1s in these 25 years. Comes in two colorways, black and white. More info via Nike1Love.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Reebok Voltron Pack

This has got to be the best pack ever released by Reebok for 2007. Seriously, when I say the best, I really meant the BEST! Anyone still remember the BEST animated series of all time back in the 80s? Voltron? Galaxy Alliance Lion Force? Defender of the Universe?! Damn!

The Voltron pack consists of five different classic Reebok models, and the colorways of each and every individual are highly inspired by the colorways of the lion robots. Strictly limited quantities only, and only selected retailers have this collection.

The Black Lion is represented by the Court Victory, the yellow lion by Pump Omni Lite, the blue lion by Ventilator, the green lion by ERS Racer, and the red lion by Insta Pump Fury.

Each shoes comes with a toy in a cool packaging. And just so you know, you have to purchase all five to get the lion robots in one piece, just like the cartoon.

For more images and info or maybe to purchase, you can visit Caliroots.


ENDS, a brand new label that intends to change a whole new look to your footwear piece, blending shoes accessories with luxurious materials, like, diamonds and 24-carat gold.

On the line is this lace tip holder in various materials ranging from 18k black gold to 24k yellow gold to white diamonds.

If you can afford a $1000 shoes, I'm sure these would not be an issue, although I think it's really so unnecessary. But, god knows, there's a group of 'dress to impress' enthusiasts that's willing to do such incredible things.

Get more images and info via Gourmet.

Reebok "Chain Gang"

Reebok presented another hot and simple pack recently, the "Chain Gang". A collection featuring four iconic soft-colored sneakers. All models are incorporated with a new technology called play dry, a special lining that takes breathable mesh one step further. Also treated the footbed with anti-microbial factors, that fights stank-foot syndrome and prevents bacteria invading your feet. Set to release early 2008 at selected retailers.

Crooks & Castles Online Exclusives

Crooks & Castles will be releasing some new online exclusive tees by tomorrow 10AM (US westcoast time). There are two designs, the Crooked Angel and the Link & Ribbon. Start clicking before it's too late. Ciao!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Greedy Genius - Southwest Collection

Greedy Genius introducing their latest collection that will be included to its fall line-ups. The Southwest pack consists of 8 pairs of kicks. Some are new models, some are existing ones with different colorways. Check it all out below.