Monday, 30 August 2010

Aww Shit! It's Spring!

Aww Shit! returns this Spring for another round of excitement under the revealing sun paired with a couple of cool breezy beers and other compliments - you name it.

Held at one of the hottest joints in Melbourne, 1000£ Bend, this Spring series packs with a whole new adventure, some of those appealing ones include the WESC Headphone live customizing by Australian fame AWOL, which features Itch, Deam and Slice.

Aside from that, BMX riders can bring their ride over to grind a couple of rails, courtesy of Strictly BMX.

Featuring DJs Mugen and B.two.

Event Date: 18 September 2010, Saturday
Time: 8pm - 1am
Venue: 1000£ Bend. 361 Little Lonsdale St. Melbourne 3000
Price: $25 (door), $20 (presale)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner

London-based electronic musician and producer Gold Panda unveils his full-length debut titled Lucky Shiner.

Previously released three successful EPs, garnering media success from notable music critics for his masterpieces (if you're wondering what it sounds like, check out You).

Lucky Shiner will release on October 11 through his own label NoTown Recordings.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Weepies - Be My Thrill

American indie pop folk outfit The Weepies is set to release their fourth studio album titled Be My Thrill, scheduled for August 31 release via Nettwerk.

Recording begun earlier last year, the Californian duo created a collection of 14 tracks rich with harmonious acoustic tunes, extending their success from 2008's critically acclaimed album Hideaway.

Lead single I Was Made For Sunny Days rich with pop figures and rhythms, keeping the humming flowing throughout the whole track, at least, we did.

This is Be My Thrill...

Lights On - Here Comes The Ocean

Fulfilling your craves over pleasurable rock tunes, San Diego's Lights On may have the solution for you. Packed with tuneful new-wave grooves, their debut full length titled Here Comes The Ocean demonstrates a dedication to their hardworking indie ethos and shows they are more than willing to strike out on their own.

Their music has been featured on numerous TV and films, and opened for bands like Peter, Bjorn and John.

Check out their video We Live Underground.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SSUR for Converse Pro Leather 76 Hi

Ukrainian-born artist SSUR teamed up with Converse to produce an exclusive limited edition Pro Leather.

Built on an all-black nubuck upper, the chevron star were stripped off and brilliantly replaced with perforated resemblance as a replacement. Snakeskin-alike leather on the lace to create more impact. Not ending without mentioning the Great Black Shark artwork on the inner sole.

Should be available by now.

Check with Livestock.

Adidas x Luker by Neighbourhood ZX KZK Boat Shoe

Part of the Adidas x Luker by Neighbourhood collaboration, this pair of ZX KZK boat shoe is definitely one of the main highlights.

Rich in detailing, almost all you ever wanted for a sneaker, barely know what else do we need more. Premium suede, feather-lite mesh, leather piping, buckle lace holders, woven leather design and branding on the tongue and heel.

Available now at Livestock.

Livestock x Vans "Painted" by Kenta Goto

Canadian specialty footwear retailer Livestock and Vans teamed up to release a series of photograph tees snapped by Kenta Goto. The idea represents how skateboarders see and use urban structures and paint the city their decks.

Three tees featured on this series - "Blue", "Charcoal" and "Rust".

Available now at Livestock.

The Suzukis 'Reason For Leaving'

UK's rock quartet The Suzukis with their brand new video Reason For Leaving, a song taken from their upcoming debut.

Pretty fun once in a while to thrash things. Probably bookmark this song as my 'songs to play when i'm thrashing things'.

Brixton Sessions presents Jacques Labouchere

Brixton Sessions hosts a collection of live, raw and intimate performances featuring many artists and musicians that pass through the doors of South London's multiple music venues. Brixton Sessions is powered by South London's very own Blindeye Films.

One of their latest feature is Jacques Labouchere, a American-French-Swedish singer-songwriter. Two songs at two different locations - a high-rise rooftop, and a pile of rubbish.

Check out the videos.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Supreme Fall/Winter 2010 Premiums

An extension to their Fall/Winter 2010 collection, Supreme unveils a new line of premium accessories featuring tools and gadgets that may come useful to you.

The products include stuffs like projector light, bottle opener, mini rugby ball, camera bag, backpack, keychain, among others.

Check out the complete look on their website.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Supreme presents their Fall/Winter 2010 collection, bringing you fashionable apparels for the breezy season. An array of accessories available to suit up your favorite Supreme tops, we love the wide selection approach mad available from the brand.

A huge collection of plaid flannel tops, a pattern that never dies. The hoodies and jackets are bombing the shelves as well.

A lookbook was presented to showcase the F/W line, take a peek folks.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2010 collection will be available beginning September 2 onwards. Check with your local stockists for availability.

Cheer Up! Clothing Summer 2010 Collection

Take a good look at Cheer Up! Clothing Summer 2010 collection.

Offering milkshakes on tops, a pinch of astonishing artworks, fun typographic, most of all, nothing too heavy on the eye, rather keeping things real cool and simple.

Ranging from v-neck to round-neck tees to zip-up hoodies, both male and female.

“We are growing as a brand all the time, and so it’s inevitable that the ranges and designs grow too. We’re really pleased with this new collection, as it incorporates what we love about the clothes we choose to wear, and what we enjoy about designing. For us, this is our most exclusive range so far, and we're sure that the designs in it will appeal to the people who already know us, and those who may not have worn Cheer Up before.” comments by founders Edward Thomas & Matt Barnes.

Catch a glimpse on their lookbook, if you see anything you like, head over to their online shop to grab yours now.

Sahara Smith - Myth of the Heart

21-year old songstress Sahara Smith acquired our attention when we heard her materials. She's young, yet possessed a voice of a veteran singer.

Myth of the Heart marks her debut release on Playing in Traffic Records.

One of the songs featured in her debut was written when she was 13. The album was shepherded by T Bone Burnett and produced by Emile Kelman, recorded at Electromagnetic Studios and Village Recorders in LA.

Maroon 5 - Hands All Over

Award winning rock band Maroon 5 unveils their upcoming studio album titled Hands All Over, plan to release on September 21 through A&M/Octone.

Their first single from the album is Misery, as usual, have already garnered strong presence on the charts.

Zambian-born British record producer Robert Lange produced the album for them.

"He worked me harder than anyone ever has...I would come in with a finished song, and he'd say, 'That's a good start. Now strip it down to the drums and start over.' The coolest thing about him is that not only has he been a huge, legendary producer, but he also is a legit, serious writer," says singer Adam Levine.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Tera Melos - Patagonian Rats

California's rock trio Tera Melos unveils new forthcoming album titled Patagonian Rats coming this Fall through Sargent House.

Have Tera Melos gone pop? Well, no....but yes. Much like the band's intricate and complex song structures, it's not quite that simple. Tera Melos' songs have traditionally been densely packed with so many wild shifts of time signature and chord structures that guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Nick Reinhart jokes they were sounds that, "only wizards could decipher."

Patagonian Rats is packed with melodic hooks and jabs that on paper might seem to defy the band's experimental edge. There's even clear and distinct vocals throughout -- a first for the band, where vocals, if any, were previously awash with distortion and layered in the mix. But, particulars aside, Patagonian Rats is the type of album that sticks with you.

Occasionally, "pop" music has really meant daring music. Like the Beach Boys in the late 60s, The Clash in the 70s, Devo in the 80s, Flaming Lips in the 90s -- the greatest artists have dared to make music that is hooky while also being groundbreaking. Patagonian Rats evokes images of bizarre and fantastic alternate realities. Think about the first time you heard "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys; jarring collisions of a cappella harmonies, tremolo-washed bass and chirping theremin. The key is not to understand it, but to let the music transform everyday reality into something new. And, that is the essence of Patagonian Rats.

Patagonian Rats will be available everywhere via Sargent House on September 7th, 2010.

Courtesy of Sargent House.