Friday, 27 July 2007

Jason Markk~~~~ must have...

Dear Sneaker Fans,
Jason Markk is a fine sneaker's skin care products for all your love ones out there. The packaging is specially design as a shoe box for you to place specially next to your love. For Shoe care, choose Jason Markk. For clean shoe, choose Jason Markk. For a kiss to your lover, Jason Markk.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

stolen jewelry

stolen jewelry... nice one... I think I should get myself one as well... hahaha

Monday, 23 July 2007

environmental friendly search engine - Blackle

Blackle the environmental friendly search engine by Google.
goto, to start using it as search engine... a little help will do a lot for the environment... Peace*

Friday, 20 July 2007

Tarati ~~~ cellphone

believe or not, this is a cellphone!
a cellphone with holes on it, dialling the numbers without pressing it....
damn, technology is way too updated for me... n too fragile, i guess... but thumbs-up!

zaha hadid

Sir Gila K is out of town, therefore, i gotta work harder to replace his crazy posts! hehehe
check out - Zaha Hadid a very few well known Baghdad born artist.
watch her out as her current on-going masterplans are in Singapore and Istanbul, to an opera house in China, a museum in Rome, and a skyscraper in Dubai.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Flake Freshjive

Introducing a new kids clothing line of from Freshjive, Flake Freshjive. Created by the Hysteric Glamour Mini designer, June Kasamatsu. Flake has three standing stores in Japan.

There's more to look at in their official site.

Capture The Flag

Thursday, 12 July 2007

KIKS TYO x G-Shock t-shirts.

K I K S T Y O . .

not about the chick, she's pretty hot though.

a fresh collabo' between KIKS TYO and G-Shock by Aki Hoshino. .

3 ne w designs.

1 chick.
numerous watches.


either you're into that chick or the G-Shocks or the t-shirt, you can pre-order it via KIKS TYO store.



c o m m o n p r o j e c t s

july we see some really awesome release by common projects.

expect to see some new leather goods from cp this spring/summer release.

i love this silver piece.

and the gold.


plain. simple. attention seeker.

Atmos x Head Porter

Atmos made a step upfront in teaming up with trend-setter Head Porter on this tasty patent leather bags and pouches. What makes this even tastier is the sharp colours it used. Guess it would be pretty costly too. Nice stuffs always don't come cheap. Check out for more pictures via Atmos.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Gloucester Road TubeART

Gloucester Road Tube station had been transform into TubeArt recently during March.
Ya ya....quite outdated, forget to post it here... but yet still nice to see... hahaha
Dont know who the artist was? Then you are super undated. Chiho Aoshima!

Digital Origami

Using 3500 recycled cardboard molecules, University of Technology design students, under the guidance of lecturer Chris Bosse, examined various aspects of architectural foundations through small elements of design.
Brilliant installation!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Simpsons Artist Series - The Complete Collection

Finally, it's over!

All 14 released!

Once and for all.

Vans and Simpsons got together and did 14 designs on various models.

1400 pairs made in total.


Retailing at $100.

New Converse Japan releases

Here are some of the new releases by Converse in Japan. The Asian side has always remained the preferred styles compared to the European side. The whole concept of keeping it simple, yet, still looking affordably gorgeous. The favorite pair would be the black chuck with some traditional chinese influenced print.

Crystal Phone

Designer : Tao Ma
This is super nice nice nice.... but I guess it will be super expensive as well. As those sticks are made of Crystal... Well, why not try on Arcylic material? Maybe I could have afford to get one out. Cheers!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Simpsons Artist Series - Gary Panter & Geoff McFetridge

Here's the versions by Gary Panter and Geoff McFetridge.

The Best Of Fading Captain Series

Crickets, a 50-track best of album featuring the master hits throughout Robert Pollard's music career, either as a solo artist or under his numerous monikers, or with his bandmates, better well-known ones including Guided By Voices and Circus Devils.

He's 50 years old now, and still rocking real hard with beers and his all-time instrument, the mike! He's been appearing solo for a couple of years and has released numerous albums and EPs, including two upcoming albums launch on the same date, October 9, 2007, entitled Coast to Coast Carpet of Love and Standard Gargoyle Decisions, both amounting to 30 over tracks of lo-fi rock n' roll shit!

We aren't gonna talk about these upcoming ones, but on this new Best of compilation that will soon hit the stores across the world, Crickets.

Acid Ranch. Airport 5. Circus Devils. Go Back Snowballs. Hazzard Hotrods. Howling Wolf Orchestra. Keene Brothers. Lexo and the Leapers. Lifeguards. The Moping Swans. Nightwalker. Phantom Tollbooth. Psycho and the Birds. The Takeovers.
These are all under Pollard's efforts through Fading Captain Series, a self-financed and and released side project aside from Guided By Voices and his solo career.

In 2006 Paste Magazine, he has been listed 78th greatest living songwriter of all-time.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever

The Cribs made a statement for themselves in the indie rock scene ever since releasing their third, Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever. Their first single Men's Needs did pretty well in the charts clinching them a top 20 spot in the UK chart. Not too long ago, the second single Moving Pictures has seen entering the charts and climbing.

The Cribs consists of twins Gary and Ryan, and their younger brother Ross Jarman. The trio are good friends with Kaiser Chiefs and often seen touring with them.

Here's two videos for you; 1) Men's Needs 2) Moving Pictures

Live Earth UK: Damien Rice & David Gray

I came across a Damien Rice & David Gray video covering Que Sera Sera live at Wembley Stadium in the Live Earth concert on July 7, 2007. Dozens of artists all over the world gave their best to show their support for this once-in-a-lifetime day. It just happened so quick. Participating artists also include Snow Patrol, Pharrell Williams, Eason Chan, Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park, UB40, The Police, Eskimo Joe, Beastie Boys, Kasabian and many more. Lots of videos can be found via YouTube.

Converse (Product) Red - New Release

Converse unveiled some latest release for it's (Product) Red line range at Bread & Butter Summer 2007, a tradeshow in Barcelona with hundreds and hundreds of brands, all showcasing their latest arrivals and masterpieces. Hypebeast showed some some really nice release by Converse. Aside from the red line-ups, they showed a new pair of John Varvatos.