Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Ultimate Close Up: P-Rod x Incase Ovenight Bag

The final item from the collaboration between Incase and Paul Rodriguez, Incase is proud to unveil the overnight bag.

They were thoughtful enough to build a bag attracting those who loves traveling light and who often goes on quick trips, this overnight bag enables a person to carry a few days worth of clothes and several necessities like your notebooks and chargers and other gadgets.

It's still not officially launched yet, but it will soon be. A dashing collection we think, kapish?!

Via Incase.

The Ultimate Close Up: P-Rod x Incase Skate Pack

Just a couple of days ago, we shown you the ultimate close up on the skate bag from Incase collaboration with Paul Rodriguez.

Incase revealed the ultimate close up on the skate pack now.

The Skate Pack is designed to meet the day-to-day travel needs of any skateboarder, featuring skateboard compression bumpers, custom grip pads and quick-release buckles for easy deck-loading. It also has ample storage room and a padded, faux-fur lined notebook compartment that can fit up to a 17″ MacBook Pro. Available for purchase October 2008 at better boutiques and

More info via Incase.

Jessica Ogden For Fred Perry

Fred Perry invited Jamaican-born Jessica Ogden to design a couple of pieces for the label. Release for autumn '08, the collection is now available for purchase at the online shop.

Colette x Gap Presents Longchamp Bag

Another slick product coming from this Colette x Gap collaboration series, they have assigned luxurious leather goods company Longchamp to release the Pliage bag shown above. Now available at colette online store. There's more awesome images to convince you to purchase this.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Jack Purcell Race-Around

Flauge has got some new pairs of Jack Purcell Race-Around on shelves. Available in two colorways, these are now yours for only ¥7,245. More detailed images can be found here.

New Balance 574 'Hummer'

The all new style for New Balance's 574 model inspired by the unstoppable ride SUV Hummer. Coming reeeal soon at Atmos.

The Ultimate Close Up: P-Rod x Incase Skate Bag

There it is, the all desperately waited for of has been unveiled with a close up shot. We reported on the 'coming soon' arrival of a series of bags by Incase and Paul Rodriguez earlier, it's now our pleasure to show you a close up shot of the Skate Bag, set to hit store on September 2.

A storage bag that keeps your deck and all other necessary gears safe - all in one protective case. Definitely durable in material, stylish in design. One highly recommended transaction to make.

Via Incase.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Colette x Gap Presents Incase x Kuntzel+Deygas

While we are still waiting for the actual official opening of the Colette x Gap store on September 6, we have already laid eyes on several astounding products from the collaboration up front.

Apparently, we thought we could wait for the day to come, unfortunately, the temptation is rather too difficult to elude.

An upcoming product branded under the Colette x Gap collaboration, this iPhone 3G case by Incase designed by Kuntzel+Deygas are definitely one accessory to style up your gadget. Only 200 were made. Coming soon.

Via Miss Colette.

Evisu A/W '08 Now Available Online

Evisu updated it's online store with a batch of autumn/winter 2008 goods recently. Purchase it now.

Led Zeppelin Reunites For New Album

English rock legend Led Zeppelin is currently working on new materials for an upcoming release, unveiled in a media conference by guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist Paul Jones and drummer Jason Bonham, son of late-John Bonham, known for his contributions to the band and his distinctive fast right foot.

However, no news on the involvement of singer Robert Plant on this brand new effort.

"I've been working with Jimmy and Paul and trying some new material. I don't know what it will be, but it will be something. At the moment, all I know is I have the great pleasure to go and jam with the two guys and start work on some material," a comment extracted from an interview with Jason Bonham.

More updates on the way.

Via NME.

The Killers Set To Release Third Album

The Killers has confirmed their forthcoming third album will be titled Day And Age scheduled to hit major record stores worldwide in November 2008.

The band is currently finishing up recordings of their new materials for the new album, and Stuart Price will produce it.

Frontman Brandon Flowers said in an interview that the band will play part of the new tracks in the coming shows and has unveiled the names of the new songs, which some were said to be Spacemen, Neon Tiger, Tidal Wave and many more.

Also revealed in the interview by Flowers, was that the music is almost complete, however, the lyrics are slowly coming.

Read more on this news at NME.

Dr. Dre's Son Passed Away

Andre Young Jr, son of hip hop producer Dr. Dre was found dead in his bed last Saturday by her mom. Cause of death has not been mentioned, however, Andre spent a late night out and returned home around 5.30am before the tragedy. He was 20.

Via LA Daily.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Kimya Dawson - Alphabutt

Kimya Dawson is an American singer/songwriter. Aside from appearing as a prominent solo performer, she was also pretty well known as the one half of The Moldy Peaches, best known for their number one hit single Anyone Else But You, which was recently featured in Jason Reitman's 2007 comedy film Juno.

Alphabutt was initially self-released by Dawson sometime early 2007 and was distributed in her shows. Each EP made were uniquely handcrafted by Dawson herself - comes in a hand-decorated cardboard folder held together by a string, the CD itself, a handwritten fact sheet and nine sheets of drawings.

On September 9, the actual, proper CD will be released officially through K Records. Not too long after contributing several tracks to the incredibly successful soundtrack for the Juno film, Alphabutt spots a collection of children's songs written by Dawson along with her musical friends and their children.

Basically, she masterminded, conducted, lead and performed with a group of children to produce this album, which I guess it's a hard thing to do.

One impressive album made of pure clean vocals joint along with finger snaps, hand claps and foot stomps. Plain noise of nature.

Jesu - Why Are We Not Perfect

We're here back for more updates on Welsh experimental rock band Jesu. This September 9 will see another release from Justin Broadrick's musical project, an EP which goes by the name of his song Why Are We Not Perfect.

The EP contains 5 tracks which a part of it were previously released on his other split vinyl with Eluvium, whereby what so special about this EP is an additional two tracks of alternative versions of Jesu's Why Are We Not Perfect and Farewell.

This EP will be released through Hydra Head and Daymare.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Sophnet F/W '08 Accessories

We're definitely not leaving out this range of accessories offered by Sophnet this fall/winter collection. A couple of good stuffs like their necklaces and chains has already been sold out, and they just released the leather wallet and a beautiful tote bag, all available in different colors.

You can get it now at

Uniform Experiment F/W '08 Accessories

Uniform Experiment have some spankin' new accessories from their fall/winter 2008 collection ready for sale now at Some of the available goods include ties of all sorts, wallet, card case, cufflinks, pin badge and many more. Products shown here eventually have more colorways to pick from, for that complete look, you may do so via

If you're intending to make a purchase, I suggest you make it quick cos' most of them are already sold out.

New Balance Presents Urban Outdoor Collection

New Balance got hardworking and released a new pack, known as the Urban Outdoor Collection. The pack will include two pairs of the same colorway, same material but in different models, which is the H574J and M575J. Probably best to those who likes hairy stuffs. These are now available at Mita so hook up!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Babekub City Exclusive: Porter Goods

Porter unveiled some of their latest entries and will make them exclusively available only to Babekub City. There will be a messenger bag, a waist pouch and a wallet, all available in nylon black and nylon silver. Expect to release real soon.

size? x Fred Perry

UK's size? and Fred Perry are both teaming up to produce a range of collabo' goodies, just as shown above that will consist of FP's classic laurel polo shirts and matching patterned sneakers.

For their second attempt on collaboration, size? and FP paid homage to the iconic gingham pattern wit a collection based around the classic black/red and white/black colorways. They have chosen to use FP's Tipped Cuff and Oxford models along with a small collar classic laurel polo shirt.

Both Oxford and Tipped Cuff models are available in two colorways and features the gingham patterns in different placements, and all shoes comes with a question mark lace lock (size? logo).

As for the small collar polo, it has a gingham placket finishing on it.

It is believed to be extremely limited and will be available in September at size? outlets and online.

Get a closer look on the products over here.

Nike Air Force 1 "Closing Ceremonies"

Commemorating the end of the Beijing Olympics event, the forces from Nike is expecting to release a very special pair of their iconic Air Force 1 shoe muchly known as the Closing Ceremonies. This special AF1 model is coated with gold and features laser etched designs almost all over the shoe. The inner and bottom sole remains black.

As reported by Milk, the shoe comes in a special 080808 box, and will go for HKD 888. Available tomorrow!

Ian Ginoza For Converse

This collaboration is part of the Converse (PRODUCT) RED project that's been getting fairly well coverage since it was announced.

We came across this forthcoming pair which Converse worked with Kicks/Hi's lead creative Ian Ginoza, and produced an appealing outcome of a Jack Purcell. Built applying the white epi leather, this JP spots three velcro straps with a little touch of red accents on it. Definitely a gorgeous pair to hunt for.

In addition to this greatness, according to the source, there will be another pair coming from Ginoza, said to be a black Chuck Taylor. Info via nimnim.

***update*** Check out the black epi leather on Chuck Taylor. However, this was announced last year....

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Yo! Majesty - Kryptonite Pussy EP

Domino Records signing artist Yo! Majesty released an EP entitled Kryptonite Pussy on July 29. An EP to kickstart the release of their much anticipated full length album, Futuristically Speaking...Never Be Afraid.

"This is about being real. Straight up. We believe in what's just, what's right, what's real," said Shunda K.

This special EP consists of five tracks that can't be found on their debut.

Find out more about Yo! Majesty over here!

Tha Pumpsta - Bass Black Treble White

Crunk your ass off flowing with the latest rhymes of Tha Pumpsta's latest effort entitled Bass Black Treble White. Comprise of 14 crunky beats to shake it all off in ya.

Bass Black Treble White will be released through Milkthebeef Records on September 2.

His real name, Jeremy Parker have worked with numbers of artists including Avenue D, Black Cracker and Bunny Rabbit, Gio Black Peter, Will Lemon, Gustavo Andrade and Stephonik, Shannon Funchess and TV On The Radio.

"I love life, people, and music... Besides the recorder, my first “real” instrument was the trumpet in middle school. I was your typical overweight nerd who knew every word to “Whoop There It Is” by Tag Team," Parker commented on the cover version he did for a song by Tag Team.

Parker have played in a band called Durty Nanas.