Thursday, 30 August 2007

Futura Break Train

Just how sick and tired are you with vinyls and figures already?! Tell me about it. This time is something really interesting released by Big Shot Toy Works, toy trains with graphic artworks by renowned artists on it. The first one to release is the Futura version. 500 were made and are retailing at 75 USD. Available in Toy Tokyo.

Feist - The Reminder

Leslie Feist, or better known as her stage name Feist, is both a solo artist as well as a member of the Broken Social Scene.

The Reminder is the third full length album throughout her solo career. The album was released quite some time ago, and has seen em' in the number 2 spot in the Canada chart, and number 16 on Billboard.

Here's her and her back-ups performing the song 1,2,3,4 in the David Letterman show.

"The Force" by adidas

When there's a good side, there's sure a dark side. And Adidas did it once again releasing something real classically vintage, "The Force" pack that got inspired by Star Wars characters. Usually the good wins, but this time I'm going for the dark side, patented black premium leather. Both uses the Superstar model.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Neighborhood Incense

This is something new and interesting for a renowned label to release such vintage item. Neighborhood introduced its new incense sticks in a matchstick box that has a tiny hole to stuff that incense in it to burn. It's worth 25 fucking bucks and is available via Cliff Edge.

Freak Show by Pop Shuvit

The group of hip hop rockers who made it to Japan, Pop Shuvit, recently released their latest video, Freak Show. The video has been aired for quite some time now, but I just saw it on the web today.

José González: In Our Nature

FINALLY! The Swedish indie folk singer is back with a brand new album, In Our Nature after four loooooongg years of wait since his last, Veneer. Die-hard fans of José González had been listening to his songs from Veneer for four long years, and it's TIME to listen to some brand new works by González.

González's trademark will be his classical guitar techniques and the soft melancholic tempo created with it, causing it a pierce right through the heart just by a couple of strings. The first time I listened to his songs, Heartbeat and Slow Moves pierced me.

I have yet tested on this new masterpiece, so we really need to sit down and enjoy this, world class music.

First single Down The Line was released on iTunes, August 21.

Jens Lekman: Night Falls Over Kortedala

Sad to say, but I eventually missed him during his trip to KL before. I guess I sacrificed such once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Jens Lekman live for a couple of beers. Shucks! Anyway, the Swedish indie-pop artist has announced and unveiled his latest masterpiece, the second full-length release after When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog in 2004, entitled Night Falls Over Kortedala.

Night Falls Over Kortedala consists of his collection of recordings from 2004 to 2007, as cited in his website. It is set to officially release sometime next week.

The first single from this album is Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew

Co-founder of supergroup Broken Social Scene, Kevin Drew will be releasing his first solo effort entitled Spirit If on September 18. It is also the first album released under the "Broken Social Scene Presents" series, where each members of BSS unfold their solo effort and backed by other members of BSS.

Drew's songwriting addresses all his favourite topics; fucking, fighting, fearing and hope.

"From the enormous power of the opening "Farewell to the Pressure Kids"... to the stripped-down track, "When it Begins,"... Spirit If... is meant to be listened to in its gorgeous entirety." - Under the Radar

Here's one song from the album that I found on YouTube, Back Out On The.....It's quite an awesome video. A last minute video shot at a Dinosaur Jr gig and it costs 3000 bucks. A MUST LOOK! You might learn something too.

Not enough? Download another song from the album for free here.

Ontour Fall/Winter 2007 Collection

Ontour presents you its latest range for Fall/Winter 2007. There are some beautifully-designed t-shirts for both men and women, not leaving without some graphic sweats and hoods. Just like usual, Ontour never fail to impress with their collection.

Among the favorites are the mummy fish print, the brain print, multi-design print as well as the stripe shirt.

By any chance you're visiting Netherlands some time soon, please do drop by at their store to check it out.



Monday, 27 August 2007

Alcest - Souvenirs d'un autre monde

French black metal act Alcest is a solo project by Neige in 1999, and later became a three-piece band. Not too long after releasing a demo, the band became a one-man-show. Neige decided to switch his direction from black metal to some other different genres like shoegaze and post rock materials.

His first full length album Souvenirs d'un autre monde, was released early August.

Alcest is currently under contract with Prophecy Productions to release five albums.

Here's a sample for you to listen to.

Twilight of the Innocents

Twilight of the Innocents is the fifth album by Northern Ireland's alternative rock band, Ash. A follow-up ever since the last in 2004, Meltdown, Twilight of the Innocents is the band's first album that appeared as the original trio since the departure of Charlotte Hatherley.

The album's first song I Started A Fire was released earlier for download as a sneak peak to this new album. So rumors spreaded that this will be their last album, despite the denials of breaking up. Instead, the band replied that they will release singles due to the different ways of people listening to music.

The first physical single You Can't Have It All was released after that and has seen it in the top 20 range in the UK charts. Polaris and End of the World is their second and third single.

The Hundreds - Fall '07 Preview

The Hundreds unveiled its fall collection on their website. Consist of a line of nice print tees, colorful beanies and truckers.

Among the favorites are the stripe beanies, colorful bomb prints and the keychain.

Married To The Mob - Fall 2007

New York's Married To The Mob recently announced its new fall collection featuring renowned artist, Fafi. Funky looking designs and outfits to dress to impress. Stylish, unique cuttings to match your wardrobe.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Over The Rhine - The Trumpet Child

Another recommendation of the day would be the musical pair, also a husband-and-wife duo, Over the Rhine, which consists of Linford Detweiler on bass, piano and guitars, and Karin Bergquist on vocals and guitars.

From day one OtR started as a quartet band, until now, they had released many many home and studio recording albums since early 90s. The Trumpet Child is their latest addition to their archive, which was released last week.

OtR's music are filled with loads of gentle-mellow piano riffs, and love melt guitar rings, and are highly influenced with jazz, country, folk pop, live acoustic, pop set.

One amazing album that you won't regret buying it. Click here to listen to some OtR samples.

The Hair The TV The Baby and The Band

San Francisco-based indie rock outfit has been around in the scene since '96 and they are still rocking the world of music with outrageous songs to its' thousands of enthusiastic-fans.

After five long years without any new releases, Imperial Teen wowed its fans with their fourth studio length album entitled The Hair The TV The Baby and The Band, which had already been released just couple of days ago.

A sir gila k. recommendation if you're really into a strong mix of rock, dance, pop, down-tempo love music.

Architecture in Helsinki - Places Like This

Australian musical group Architecture in Helsinki recently released their new album, Places Like This. The band makes use of a wide range of musical instruments in their music to make it sound slightly more unique.

~~This six-piece outfit of musical chameleons has developed a reputation for sensational live shows and a large, loyal fan base. They hit the ground running with their third record - ten songs of instantly lovable pop brilliance, fizzing with electrical currents, channeling calypso rhythms and tropical flavors with lashings of percussion a-go-go. Pop effervescence hasn't sounded this fresh in ages. - Amazon~~

AIH plays avant-garde, disco pop, indie pop, experimental, twee pop music.

Here's a rather detailed review on this new album. Read it here.

In the meantime, here's their first single from their new album, Heart It Races.

I guess there will be a new music video of their second single, Hold Music coming pretty soon. So, keep tuning in.

Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice

Despite the numbers of EPs released in the past few years, Planet of Ice is the third full length album from Seattle band Minus The Bear. Ex-keyboardist Matt Bayles decided he's far off better to become a producer, so he quitted from the group and produced their album.

Alternative Press commented on their new album; "exploring looser, more organic arrangements and indulging their psychedelic side ... brilliant countermelodies and sublime textures."

This is the music video of their current single, Knights.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Rilo Kiley: Under the Blacklight

Not so much of an introductory entry on the quartet since they have been in the scene since '98, but Rilo Kiley is something that you have to check out if you're into alternative rock. All the way from LA, Under the Blacklight is their fourth and latest release, which was released a couple of days ago.

Check out this video by them, The Moneymaker.


- Futura -

A glimpse on the latest release from Futura Lab. As usual, the new collection comes with numerous stylish print tees. Tagging along is some simply plain messenger bags.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Stussy Fall - Rob Abeyta & Hyde S.K

this is some cool stussy fall collection in conjunction with a little collaboration with rob abeyta and hyde s.k.

some really nice t-shirt prints.

the favorite here is the nice wallet though.

images below.

TWEEQiM x Nike

damn i gotta say, it sure is a nice pair of dunk-lo made by the swoosh and design label team, a pair of beautifully-drawn shoe. lots of gold, lots of silver. expect to be release next year.\\

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Calvin Harris - Acceptable in the 80s

I'm not usually really into electroclash music, but Calvin Harris lured and attracted me with his addictive rhythmic beats, that thing that keeps your legs stomping and stomping and stomping non stop? Know what I mean?

This is a song by Calvin Harris, Acceptable in the 80s, which was released quite some time ago. His first and latest album, I Created Disco was released sometime in June 2007 and has seen it climbing the UK charts.

The other singles aside from this include The Girls and Merrymaking at My Place. Calvin has also done remixes on Groove Armada's Get Down and Jamiroquai's Canned Heat.

Sneak Peak: Sam Flores new designs

Upper Playground
will soon make available these couple of new t-shirts by San Francisco artist, Sam Flores. In the meantime, take a look at some of the new releases unveiled by UP. All new releases will be available in their site.

Mysterious Chuck

This is an important notice. If by any chance you know who did this Chuck Taylor, please do let me know. All I know is this is another latest addition to the Converse (Product) Red campaign, and it will be releasing pretty quite soon.

DJ B.2WO goes Championship Finals...

We have recently received the news that homeboy DJ B.2WO made it to the Finals in the DMC World DJ Championship in Australia. Rouse Hill winner booked his spot in the finals along with renowned DJs including A-Style, Skoob, Zeke, Buick, and many more. A big congrats to B.2WO on the hardwork placed to strive for the trophy.

Channel [V] recently interviewed some finalists of the Australian DMC DJ Championship. Here's what B.2WO has to say....

How long have you been working the decks?
I’ve been working off and on the decks for 8 years. Started back in 99’ when Craze won his fist title. Mad respect! First battle was the 99’ Ecler DJ Championships. Then got off the decks to co produce and work on albums with Asian hip hop artists. I came back in 00’, 01’ and 02’ for the Vestax DJ Championships. Took another break and just got back into it 2 years ago. That’s how long I’ve been doing this.

What inspired you to master turntablism, and what keeps you inspired?
I am mainly influenced by Qbert and D-styles from a technical perspective. Their flow and scratch compositions are so funky fresh. Much respect! Musically influenced by C2C. They brought another level of technicality and musicality to turntablism. Much respect! Battle and stage presence wise, I am very much influenced by Troubl, Netik and Iemerge. They got it all locked! Much respect! And the list goes on… that is what keeps me inspired and keeps me going. Turntablism is such a young culture and still flourishing in so many ways…we are at the brink of something massive here.

What’s your power move?

In my humble opinion, scratching would be my forte. But of course we never stop learning and expanding on our knowledge. So there is still much for me to learn from the universe and all that is contained in it.

Any surprises in store for the DMC final?
If I can sum up in one word what I have in store for the finals, it would be ORIGINALITY! Surprises you ask? There is only one way to find out… “I’LL SEE YOU THERE”.

Why do you think you should you be crowned DMC Champion?
Everyone (all the DJs) have been working so hard on their routines and all of them deserve to win this and be crowned the KING most definitely. But if I were to be crowned DMC Champion, in my humble opinion, it is because I have what it takes to push it to the next level and put Australia on the tablism map.

What’s the best thing about the hip hop scene in your city?
Oh, hip hop is so diverse and it acts as a bridge that connects people form all cultures, races and religions. Although it’s a small community, it’s big at heart! Much respect!

Finish this sentence: Australian hip hop is expanding and growing in every aspect. Comparing it with how it was 5 to 10 years back, Aus hip hop has definitely pushed its game to the next level and is still growing, be it lyrically, or production wise. BIG UP to all the hip hop heads out there who made this possible! And YOU reading this right now…Much respect!

What does the future hold for you?

It is hard to say at this point in time, but as I have mentioned before, I still have a lot to learn and this process never stops. One thing is for sure, I see myself playing a lot more gigs and being out there connecting with people and making my music heard.

Fore more interviews on other DJs, please click here.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Sapu-Sapu Presents Return of the Avogadro!

An event organized by Sapu-Sapu, featured bands include Flica, Shock System, Silent Scenery, Otam, Airtight Noise and Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes.


24 August, Friday, 9pm.


Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Yo! MTV Raps x Puma

Puma teamed up with Yo! MTV Raps once again to produce a line of sneakers and apparels, ever since the success on the first one last year. This round, we will see packs featuring Doctor Dre & Ed Lover, MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane and Doug E. Fresh. Each pack consists of a pair of nice custom kicks, along with some matching apparels and accessories. Expect to be in stores on September 15. Probably not here. Maybe our neighbor. Dream.

ANYWAY! Here's some visuals to start up the fire. For more, you can visit Hypebeast to check out other views on the sneakers, the nice tees and sweats, or the accessories that comes with it.

Doug E. Fresh

Big Daddy Kane

Doctor Dre & Ed Lover

MC Shan