Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Peter Bjorn & John music videos

Was running through some videos on YouTube and i found some Peter Bjorn & John's music videos. It might be quite out-dated, but it's a good watch i feel.

The first one here is their latest single, Objects of My Affection. A song about a never ending fall. You just fall into a hole that's so deep that you'd never reach the ground.

The second one here is their hit single, Young Folks.

You can find more of their stuffs via YouTube. Spend some time browsing for real good live performances.

New Upper Playground x Sam Flores tees

check out the new collection of Upper Playground x Sam Flores t-shirts. All t-shirts are available at their site.

Take some time to check out these new t-shirts by Jeremy Fish for Fifty24SF Gallery as well. Also available via Upper Playground.

New Era by Addict

Came across some great new era's. They are by the Addicts. Great print, simplistic colorway. A nice cap.

Nike Air Force One - World Series Collection

A couple of additions to the 25th Anniversary World Series Edition. The series includes Beijing, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Toronto. Click on the image for a larger view. Login to Sneakers.fr for more information.

Adidas Superstar "Sign Off" Edition

A look at the latest addition to the Adidas Superstar family, here's the Sign Off edition for you to drool on. Black/white Superstar print all over the kick. It's like a buy one free hundreds of Superstar thing. Feel me?

Image via Sample Kickz

Monday, 28 May 2007

Beasties are back with The Mix-up

Beastie Boys are back with their new album entitled The Mix-Up, the first and only full album consisting of all-new instrumental tracks. A follow-up on their last album To The 5 Boroughs since 2004, be ready to expect to listen to some pure music creation by the boys including some assistance from their homeboys - no words, no samples, no scratchings, just pure original music.

The Mix-Up is set to launch on June 29. Coming real soon, so just hang on for a moment.

Here's the video of a song from their new album, The Rat Cage....

and this... Off The Grid...two videos at one go...awesome!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

The Third Hand by Rjd2

Rjd2 (Ramble John "RJ" Krohn), American hip hop producer, singer and musician released his new album entitled The Third Hand recently. Currently signed under XL Records and has worked with numerous prominent rappers. Unlike his other two albums released, which were widely sample-based, The Third Hand departs from his usual style to something rather unique, Ramble's singing and instruments playing on most of the tracks.

You can watch his videos via YouTube as it contains numbers of Rjd2's previous singles. No news on his new video yet. But you can listen to some of the new ones in his official site.

Girlyman - Joyful Sign

American folk-pop outfit Girlyman will be releasing their new album entitled Joyful Sign quite soon. The album was released earlier to their fans online. The harmonic trio have been living, playing and touring together as a band in a tiny apartment in New York for six years and they are still 'folking' it real hard.

Joyful Sign features the band's folk/pop/bluegrass sound but with a sense of confidence, energy and spirit that the trio has become known for live. The album is a showcase for memorable, well-crafted songs, graced by the group's signature three-part harmonies.

The new album will be officially launched next month.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Sean D'Anconio on New Balance

You'd be expecting something out from the Canadian artist Sean D'Anconio pretty soon. He dropped some design on a new New Balance artist series 574 model. Covered in yellow, the designs are sleekly looking hot. Coming soon, this August.

that footballer's wife

Phunk Studio contributed a t-shirt design for Uniqlo's UT store recently. As you can see, the design consist of a bra-top design, somewhat i think it's a pretty brilliant design.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Shellac - Excellent Italian Greyhound

Their last album was in 2000, entitled 1000 Hurts. After seven years, Shellac is back with a brand new one, Excellent Italian Greyhound. This is their longest release of all four compared. The CD cover was drawn and hand-silk screened by Jay Ryan.

Shellac is Steve Albini on guitars, Bob Weston on bass, and Todd Trainer on drums. All three contributes on vocals. Some reviewers classified them highly associated with noise rock and math rock, but they preferred terming themselves as the minimalist rock trio.

Excellent Italian Greyhound are set to launch next month.

City of Echoes by Pelican

Four-piece instrumental post-rock outfit, Pelican returns with its third full length album, City of Echoes since their last (The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw) since 2005. Unlike the other instrumental bands featured so far in untyteld, this is nothing similar to Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai or Mono.
Pelican are packed with more crunching guitars, metal distortion rhythms, powerful drum works, sexy solos sleekly fast fingers, and of course, a monstrous climax. The album is dropping soon in a week or two.

A good advise to you. Check out their previous albums first before getting your hands on this one. I'm afraid you can't cope up. Should be a bitchy one.

Someone To Love by Fountains of Wayne

Alternative rock band Fountains Of Wayne released their new album Traffic and Weather on April. After four years since their last album Welcome Interstate Managers, they came up with some new stuffs (the b-sides compilation Out of State Plates does not count!). Just like the old times, their style had never changed since day one they started, the modernized 60's/70's pop band with some real 'pop' music.

Here we have is their new single Someone To Love, featuring former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf der Maur.

Some notable tracks from this album include I-95, Yolanda Hayes, Michael and Heather at the Baggage Claim...

Kim Jones Umbro Summer Sneakers

It was the sweetest thing I ever seen in the whole Kim Jones collection, seriously. I mean, not to say the rest are all ugly looking and shits but, this is one the 'bestest' in the entire range. This sneak is just another simple kick with some woven design. Some leather-built woven style. It's sweet, just plain sweet. Comes in two colorways - the black and the white one. Me myself I preferred the white one, cos' it's so easy to choose a top and a bottom to match with it, but, the black one looks awesome too. C'mon, let's put it this way. ASIDE from adidas and Nike and Vans, give Umbro a try on your feet, will ya? They are not a bad shoe to wear. The English wear them, so can you!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Marc Jacobs x Vans Slip-On

Vans and Marc Jacobs work together on a collaboration for their Spring/Summer 2007 collection.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Rolling Stones x Japanese Artist Collaboration Tee Project

Here we have a group of twelve artists revealing their talents on a tee project collaboration with Rolling Stones. Each and every individual are free to designed their own Rolling Stones t-shirts. Buddyz has the full range of it and can be viewed in their website. In the meantime, here are the some of the designs by the fab twelve...

Makoto Ayukawa

Go Ueki

Tycoon Graphics & Towa Tei

Katsuya Terada

Hideki Nakajima

Masayoshi Nakajo

100% Orange

Tomoyasu Hotei & Masataka Kurashina

Masaaki Honma

Do~Mo Alligator Productions

images by Buddyz

Pharrell - That Girl music video

Here's a look at Pharrell's latest video, That Girl, featuring Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson. It's like looking on a digital catalogue on BBC and Ice Cream collection. It's just plain crazy!

Mono's Phoenix Tree

Japanese quartet instrumental post-rock band Mono released a new EP entitled The Phoenix Tree some time late last month. According to their official site, this new piece will not be available at any music stores, as this is an exclusive distribution for their label Temporary Residence Limited. In their site, Mono explained the initiatives of this album with the intentions making this album. Pretty quite detailed information. You can read it here.

Their style of music of highly associated with other similar bands including the ones with Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Saxon Shore, among others. The song starts off with some soft down-tempo rhythms, and the speed starts to rise along with the distortion pedals and heavier drum beats, there goes the climax rising to the top of the world for a moment, and it goes down again with some even softer tunes, sometimes the climax goes up again, but most of the time, the song ends with some catchy rhythm or with some keyboard syncs as it fades.

Mono's last full length album You Are There was a great one. Their live performances are highly respected by fans for its energetic strength and powerful stage presence. Just go over to YouTube and search for some of their videos and you'll see what i'm talking about. A reviewer of Mono commented, "This band isn't heavy like Black Sabbath. They are heavy like Beethoven."

Monday, 21 May 2007

adidas Stan Smith Hi Snake Skin

Here's a really beautiful pair of adidas Stan Smith made out of white snake skin material with some bloody red linings. I always loved the white/red colorway, in fact, most of my sneaks are that colorway though. Unlike other snake skins used in the previous years, this one right here features a real textured skin, uniquely realistic like a real snake skin. You know how snakes change its skin once in a while, and the skin starts to peel off? Yeap, that's the way it should be, simplistically realistic. A gorgeous pair so far. The whole vintage look just makes me drool that i can fill up a pool. No dates on the release yet. I shall wait.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Models Love Cake

New label Cake Clothing from NYC unveiled its very first Summer collection, and will be hitting the stores soon. The first collection are inspired by the title "Models Love Cake". Check out their site here for the full collection. I'm sure you won't regret it. C'mon, she's calling you!

Tens Summer line...

Tens, the women's line by The Hundreds released its summer collection recently. Various designs of tees are available in their online store for preview. Some designs were sleekly stylish, but some were so-so. Here's some I think it's beautiful. Click here for the complete range.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Handsome Furs - Plague Park

Wolf Parade's guitarist and vocalist, Dan Boeckner formed a band with his fiancée Alexei Perry called the Handsome Furs and are currently signed under Sub Pop Records. The Montreal-based duo sounds dark and minimal with a little noisy feedbacks trying to get your mind straight with the music they trying to deliver, with a little help on some disenchanted vocals, attractive guitar effects and some drum samples. Plague Park is set to release in stores on May 22. Check them out.

In the mean time, here's their current single Dumb Animals.

ATB's Trilogy

André Tanneberger, better known as ATB in short is a German DJ, who did the hit song 9pm (Till I Come) back in 1999, the first trance music to hit the number 1 spot in UK, will be releasing his seventh album, Trilogy, a double-cd album consisting of 26 unreleased tracks self composed by ATB himself. Disc 1 consists of progressive electronic and melodic tunes blending along with some unique catchy guitar-riffs and pop'ish crossover. On the other hand, the second disc are real calm, super-mild, and gentle tracks.

"Every album should have its own soul and a golden thread leading through all the songs. However, you only really feel the soul if you listen to all the songs together. If you mix up the faster and slower songs, that isn't going to work," explains Andre.

ATB's current video airing on international music channels, Renegade.

Coming Soon! : Voxtrot

Voxtrot, an indie pop band hailing all the way from Texas, finally have decided to release their very first full length album, a self-titled piece. The quintet first released a self-produced EP on CD-Rs. Later on, they released a couple more EPs before heading towards a full length album. Their song ranges from pretty piano-driven tracks to heavy guitar verses. If you like Belle & Sebastian, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, Ted Leo, or Wedding Present, I'm sure Voxtrot might be an addition to your playlist. The album's official launch date is on May 22. There are some short clips on the making of the album, available at YouTube.

"The twelve songs on this record are a powerful statement of intent: louder, harder, a little more complex, a more confident Voxtrot."

The National - Boxer

The new album by The National entitled Boxer. Founded in 1999, they released their debut album in 2001. Somehow I felt that their music can be linked, or perhaps 'sounds like', or to one extent, 'inspired' by other artists including U2, Tom Waits, The Killers, Muse, among others. The video for their current single Mistaken For Strangers has been released for public viewing. You'd just love that deep baritone voice of his that makes it all different, one fine sexy voice to be heard.

If you think you 'like' these music, you might also wanna try on the new album of The Bravery entitled The Sun and The Moon. You might catch their new single Time Won't Let Me Go on music channels. Check them out via YouTube.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Battles - Mirrored

It's been ages since the last time i did some calculation, and this time it's a really good opportunity to do one. Let's count it together. The least you can do is to show some 'entertaining' spirit by counting along. Here we go. What do we get if we get the son of an avant-garde jazz musician Tyondai Braxton, plus ex-Don Cab guitarist Ian Williams, plus ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier and ex-Lynx guitarist Dave Konopka? We get US math rock band Battles.

They released a new album entitled Mirrored not too long ago. Their current single Atlas is voted 'best single of the week' by NME. Stanier's drumming works are amazing, partially making the band interesting to listen to. Funny voice effects - i think i heard Crazy Frog singing back vocals, but nah, it's impossible, but, the song is crazy!

Check out the video of their new single...It's a great video. Energetic live musicians. Sweet~!

"Flavors of the World"

The Fall/Winter 2007/8 collection from Adidas, Flavors of the World. Grabbing inspirations from the globe and translating it into 'sneakers' language. Some cool and awesome designs using premium materials and detailed features making this range stand out. Here's a couple of them, i'm sure you can find more in the web. Just search.

Mountain Dew Green Label Art Premier Preview...

Green Label Art is a collaboration between Mountain Dew and 11 of today's top artists and designers, dropping their finest piece on their aluminum soda bottle in the US. The Mountain Dew 16oz aluminum bottle is the first ever aluminum bottle used in the industry. The round of designers and artists include Mark Nardelli, Adam Juresko, Chris Pastras, Chuck Anderson, Methamphibian, Dr. Revolt, Peat Wollaeger, Jeff Staple, Troy Denning, JT Woodruff and Tweeqim. Beautifully designed bottles, one of the most intelligent product design for the year.

If anyone of you who thinks you have what it takes to become like any of these guys right here, there are still open spots for you to register yourself to design your 16oz bottle. Green Label Art welcomes all artists and designers to participate, you might even get the chance to win $10,000.

Login to Green Label Art official site for more info. The site contains close-ups on the 12 bottles, video profile on the 11 artists and designers, and some brief bio too.

pictures taken from Green Label Art