Friday, 4 March 2011

Eclectic Method Unveils Debut Single featuring Chuck D

With a rambunctious, unruly spirit and a supercomputer's worth of samples and productions, UK via Brooklyn producers/ DJs Eclectic Method remain fixed at the forefront of the rapidly-emerging audiovisual remix culture.

Now with their debut music single "Outta Sight," their latest collaboration with Public Enemy's Chuck D, the postmodern group - which includes founding members Ian Edgar, Jonny Wilson and Geoff Gamlen - get to fully showcase their own electro and hip hop inspired production. In true EM form, keeping one eye on the past and the other aimed squarely at the future, it only made sense for the trio to collaborate with one of music’s legends Public Enemy's Chuck D.

With an experimental yet playful, punk attitude, the group has been pioneering audio and video remix creations and the very notion of how to rock a crowd for nearly a decade. The group’s bona fides speaks for itself: Every figurehead of every genre, from U2, Phish, Fatboy Slim and the Bob Marley Family to every cutting edge lifestyle brand including MTV and Twitter plus major global events for the likes of Twitter, Activision, Mashable have requested their talented skills in some shape or form.

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