Sunday, 6 March 2011

Empty Space Orchestra Announce Debut Album

Empty Space Orchestra certainly knows how to fill a room. The quintet of impeccable musicians crafts a symphonic, melodic sound that seamlessly weaves together elements of space rock, prog-metal, noir jazz, post-rock and afro-punk all in one massive blast of energy. Having built up a substantial following in the Pacific Northwest, the band will release their self-titled debut album in May and bring their genre-defying sound nationwide.

Their 9-song, 50-minute self-titled debut album is a hook-laden marriage of heft and harmony that veers far away from the navel-gazing jamming often associated with music of such explorative origins. Elements of The Mars Volta's most frenetic moments merge with soaring post-rock of Russian Circles, as well as hints of Deftones, Dub Trio and lilting chamber pop all colliding in brilliant synergy from one song to the next.

"I was spending a lot of time thinking about what Miles Davis used to say; 'It's not about the space you play, but the space you leave,'" explains Thomas. "That's where the 'Empty Space' came from... ironically we don't leave much space in our music." Nonetheless, the sum of Empty Space Orchestra's myriad parts never seem bloated, overblown or obtrusive.

Empty Space Orchestra's self-titled debut will be available everywhere on CD/Digital on May 10th.

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