Friday, 4 March 2011

Beat Connection 'Silver Screen'

Seattle-based electro pop duo Beat Connection is the latest electronic music dudes to look out for. Just merely some young lads whose got so much passion in music, it's amazing how such great talent heights were made into gemstones and simply not just go to waste.

The duo recently released the Silver Screen EP, prior to their debut album Surf Noir, set to release in April through Tender Age.

"Amongst algorithms and vocal samples, Beat Connection summon up the mundane things in life, the things that we pretend don't matter but the stuff that keeps everyone going; the first sunny day, getting the girl, slacking off, partying.. things that are overly romanticized in movies. This is absolute indulgence, because the world is an incoherent jumble of perception and we all pass on eventually. So lets have a good time and not worry too much, Saturday night always becomes Sunday morning."

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