Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wake Up Lucid - Sugar EP

Following up their 2009, all-analog EP “Look Alive People,” Wake Up Lucid is back with a new EP entitled “Sugar,” once again recorded at the famed Village Recorder Studios.

“They called us up the night before and said we could record one song,” says front man Ryan Baca, “We were so hungry to get in there, we ended up recording five songs, recording right over our last master because we couldn’t get any more tape!”

Yes, it’s true. Crank “Sugar” up, and in between songs you’ll hear the drum tracks from Wake Up Lucid’s previous EP, “Look Alive People.” In case you were questioning Wake Up Lucid’s rock n’ roll authenticity -- it doesn’t get any more raw than this.

Wake Up Lucid is already back in the studio tracking for an upcoming debut full-length. The future is definitely bright for this rock and roll family, as Ryan Baca states, “Our dads were brothers. We grew up watching them play together, and doing this just keeps up that family tradition.”

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