Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Metal Mother - Bonfire Diaries

Bonfire Diaries. That's the big title on the fronts of Metal Mother's debut album. Californian Metal Mother is the moniker of the newest musical undertaking of singer-soundmaker, Tara Tati.

Bonfire Diaries features nearly a dozen musical madmen, including Tommy Cappell of Beats Antique and Micha Grainger of The Yard Dogs Road Show. The 11 songs on Bonfire Diaries were mixed by Jeremy Black of Apollo Sunshine.

Her music is a fresh bath of melancholic emotion, bubbled with loud tribal drums, futuristic synth leads, and sweetly haunting Celtic-inspired vocals, unveiling a depth and timelessness to the soothing eruption of sounds.

Tati attempts to master the fusion of the primal with the futuristic and of the tender with the ecstatic on Bonfire Diaries. She exposes secrets, confessions, and revelations, with a genuine feminine vulnerability.

Inspired by the color black, by prisms and parties, by the meeting of the “ancient” and a sci-fi present, by all things extraterrestrial, by human love and lunacy, by plants, birds and monsters, and the chain that links it all, Tati brings Metal Mother.

Bonfire Diaries will be released on the artist’s own label Post Primal on May 17th, 2011 and is preceded by the single, “Billy Cruz” (MP3 download).

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