Monday, 9 March 2009

The Ting Tings Gets Paint Splash

I bet you wanna be part of this too, someday.

The Ting Tings recently performed a secret gig in Manchester organized along with adidas Originals inside an all-white space, all four walls and the platforms. Every attendees were given a set of adidas Originals tracksuit to put on during the event.

The objectives are simple - enjoy yourself listening to The Ting Tings in action, at the same time, splash paint everywhere, especially on the band. You probably don't get this too often, having the opportunity to hurl something without any anger to your favorite idols, while maintaining a huge smile on their faces.

What we tryna express here is, this event is extremely wild and fun, based on the images and video submitted by NME. Freedom for art. Everyone can be an artist. Everyone can splatter.

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