Monday, 9 March 2009

Graham Coxon Unveils New Album

After his 2006 solo album Love Travels At Illegal Speeds, Graham Coxon and his fellow bandmates announced the reunion of the acclaimed rock fame Blur, and had since been working on some new materials and shows lined up for 2009.

Never we have expected the brilliant man would be giving us another rush with his new solo album titled The Spinning Top.

This 15-track album tells the story of a man from birth to death, and features guest artists like Robyn Hitchcock, Jas Singh, Gurjit Sembhi, Jaskase Singh, Danny Thompson, Graham Fox and Louis Vause. Primarily acoustic-based music, this new piece will release on May 11.

"I wanted to show how exciting acoustic instruments can be, how dynamic and rich and heart-thumpingly raw they can sound at a time when acoustic music seems either too cute or too soppy. Obvious influences here are the amazing Martin Carthy, the late, great Davey Graham and the late, great John Martyn," he explained.

Read more via NME.

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