Sunday, 17 July 2011

VAS VEGA 'The Living Dead'

When Toronto’s Jordan Holman and Mark LeRoy of VAS VEGA sent their four song demo off to the five producers in the world that they dreamed of working with, they never expected their dream to come true.

“Two months later we were in London, UK recording with Chris Potter (Rolling Stones, U2, The Verve),” says LeRoy. “We still don’t understand it. There we were on our first day, shaking with excitement as Chris gets a call from Kylie Minogue and we hear him say, ‘Sorry Kylie, I’m tracking VAS VEGA.’” At the time, the duo had yet to play a live show together.

It’s not that hard to understand once you get a pair of ears and eyes on the debut VAS VEGA song and video, “The Living Dead.” The track drips heavy with piano driven hypnotic riffs and a haunting chorus of soaring vocals. Shot in continual motion over seven nights in Los Angeles by director Jonathan Bensimon, “The Living Dead” video, beautifully depicts two youths with nothing to lose.

Now Holman and LeRoy will have a chance to prove that they are as deliriously charming on stage as they are on film and record. VAS VEGA will be playing several Canadian shows this month as well as a two-night stand in New York City, a great opportunity for the media to take the same kind of chance on VAS VEGA that their dream producer did.

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