Monday, 4 July 2011

Clara May - Hush

Clara May unveiled their new typography-inspired music video featuring the title track from their debut album Hush.

“Hush is a melding of great lyricism and my obsession with typography,”
says director Jason Robert Becker of the clip he created for the title song from Chicago duo Clara May’s debut album. “It was really the footage of the band performing that inspired it all. It felt like watching old film of The Velvet Underground.”

Clara May is Tom Silva, a Malaysian-born filmmaker, corporate executive, University of Chicago grad student and writer, and Nicole Sotelo, a Harvard-trained theologian and author, with Phillip Amerson, Chicago producer and leader of hard-rock group, Bitterson. Clara May has dedicated its musical efforts to raising awareness of social issues.

Recorded at Chicago's legendary Rax Trax Studios and mastered by Doug McBride of Gravity Studios (Veruca Salt, The Walkmen), Hush is the debut album by Clara May.

Hush explores themes uncommon in today's indie music world such as identity, racism and ethnic conflicts. As such, Clara May is honored to have you listen to Hush and in keeping with the group's dedication to social consciousness, will dedicate 10% of its profits to charity.

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