Saturday, 9 July 2011

OSLO - High Mountain Sessions Vol 1

American rock band OSLO announced the release of their newest discography titled High Mountain Sessions Vol 1 on June 28.

Since the early days, OSLO’s core members, Mattia Borrani (bass) and Kerry Wayne James (vocals), have made it a healthy habit to create dark and brooding music that belies the duo’s California roots. And their new release, High Mountain Sessions Vol. 1 is no exception. Imagine rich, textured compositions replete with melodic charm and devastating lyrics, by turns narcotically-numbed and danceable, all woven together with top notch production. It’s a unique sound with the contemporary kick in the gut of band like Arctic Monkeys, Muse, and Placebo, while recalling darker UK post-punk bands including the Cure, Comsat Angels, and the Sound.

High Mountain Sessions Vol. 1 which will soon be followed by a fall release of the companion High Mountain Sessions Vol. 2.

The mean time, download this free remix track of their song Superstar.

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