Sunday, 10 July 2011

Kids These Days - Hard Times EP

The Chicago-bred 8-piece band Kids These Days hail from every corner of the music spectrum and varying neighborhoods of Chi-town - their collective sound creates a hybrid genre influenced by equal parts jazz, funk, blues, soul and hip-hop. With three horns, a rapper, a blues-rock trio, and a charismatic vocalist packing grace and gusto way beyond her years, the Kids simultaneously represent a golden era in music and an exciting prospect of the future.

Their EP, HARD TIMES, has drawn in fans from as far as Europe, but their most undeniable strength lies in the contagious energy at their live shows.

Kids These Days poured their creative and musical juices into the same Kool-Aid pitcher at the ripe young age of 15, when they met through a magnet school in their hometown. They have shared the stage with noted hip-hop artists Rhymefest, the Cool Kids, Mic Terror, and Dom Kennedy, and proved they knew how to bring a mainstream, relatable appeal to every kind of audience.

After gaining almost instant local acclaim, Kids These Days began to compose their own music, spawned from the mistakes made during rehearsals and late night freestyle riffs. Since then, word of their music has gone global. Authenticity builds on itself, and Kids These Days can claim a degree of it that has become a rarity in today's over-produced musical atmosphere. Their youth supplies them with an unabashed, raw approach towards performing and creating that is fueled by an appreciation of music in its truest form. They crowd surf. They freestyle. They dance. They're Kids. But their sound will blow you away.

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