Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Gift - Explode

Portugal’s biggest and best DIY band The Gift have been setting their sights on the US for 2011, and are conquering North America the same way that they became stars in Europe: hard work, dedication, amazing shows and great tunes. Last month they brought their renowned live show to NYC for a packed show at Bowery Ballroom, their first US show in many years. Less than a month later, they have locked in a US release date for their latest album Explode on September 27th via their own imprint La Folie and have signed onto renowned booking agency Billions, so expect for them to come back for a full tour around the release.

The psychedelic synth-pop band are childhood friends and formed the band in 1994. Seventeen years on the band is still growing and evolving, with each member agreeing that it has been the most consant thing in each of their lives. Singer Sonia Tavares explains that “The Gift is above all fights, all cries, all joy. It is above everything.” She goes on, “For us, it is the foundation of everything. When events are going wrong -- when events are going very wrong -- the extreme basis of everything is our friendship. We are four heads, you know, and the head of Nuno, our composer, can be complicated, because he knows exactly what he wants. But we all have a main purpose, and it is The Gift.”

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