Saturday, 21 March 2009

Grauwelt - Obsolete

Once in a while we do make a room for some dark emasculating booms to kill time. And lately we at the office are down with some enigmatic grooves to move, and thoroughly running through our inboxes, we discovered someone by the name Robert Krums, an electronic musician and designer.

He performs under his alias Grauwelt, and recently released a new album titled Obsolete.

Krums was wary of using any modern techniques, as he wanted to maintain what he calls the "rawness and harshness" of a purely analog sound. In the end, he used a decade old computer program to sequence his compositions, but relied on strictly analog methods for his instrumentation, utilizing vintage drum machines and synthesizers layered over stacks of mutilated samples.

Krums also performs under another alias called Earmint, which delivers tunes towards the hip hop side.

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