Friday, 20 March 2009

Scripts N Screwz - The New Noise

East Saint Louis natives Scripts 'N Screwz share a unique chemistry. While many emcees recycle the same cliched subject matter, Scripts 'N Screwz explores a range of musical possibilities.

The group's resident producer, Loose Screwz, has spent years perfecting his trademark eccentric sound. His lyrics have a cinematic, story-telling quality, and his versatile production makes his next musical moves unpredictable.

Diehard wordsmith Scripts adds an edge to the equation. His vivid wordplay and crushing punchlines about a wide range of subject matter will appeal to any hip hop fan. These two have been working together for close to a decade, and with their unique blend of experimental innovation and mastery of hip hop fundamentals, Scripts 'N Screwz will take the music world by storm.

Scripts N Screwz presents The New Noise, set to release on April 7.

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