Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunburst '09 Turns Out Well

Sunburst '09 was a blast! The crowd was dazzling crazy. The music played by the numbers of bands, local and international acts pulling their tricks to entertain thousands of spectators. People were madly grooving their bodies off the ground without limits, gained a little help from energy drinks, bits and pieces from here and there, if you know what i mean.

Korn and N.E.R.D actually made it to Sunburst, despite rumors circulated that the permits weren't approved by the 'beloved' government of MY. Korn have taught and shown us what is a Korn show, and damn we gotta say it's incredibly awesome. It like, the first two songs could make you so sore that you would die for a short break, yet still craving for more and would never stop for a sip of still water.

N.E.R.D was eventually a big attraction to all. The stage on top was humongously crowded to one extent we can't recall who is who and what played what. Still, the music came from the boombox were amazing and loud. Some big beats played, some gigantic voices flown. As impressive as it would be.

Well, the local acts weren't losing out though. Acts like Nao, Estrella, Cosmic Kitchen, Vandal and They Will Kill Us All were oustanding. (we get to see them perform every now and then, so we're kinda used to it now)

It's 12 hours worth of non-stop kick ass music machine, along with some fun activities brought to you by the proud sponsors of the event, and of course food attack.

Let us all hope 2010 will have stronger, louder, bigger line-ups.

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