Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ben Lovett - Highway Collection

The elusive and talented man behind a long list of film scores and musical projects, Ben Lovett, is unveiling a new opus that spans the country and includes an all-star carnival of contributing musicians, film directors, kids, choirs, and painters.

The LOVETTcollective are releasing Highway Collection, available March 15th, 2011.

Through a nomadic and exploratory lifestyle, Ben Lovett has created an album of compelling variety, captured in motion, each song brilliantly crafted ‘from a different part of another life’, into a diverse philosophy of sound deep enough to sink a ship.

On Highway Collection you find a driving pulse and child-like innocence akin to The Shins, layered with zany and dreamy backing vocals a la The Flaming Lips, floating above the rolling drumbeats of a modernized Strawberry Fields-era Beatles, all led by a constantly evolving voice with an eloquent message of mature and heartfelt universality.

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