Thursday, 27 January 2011

Jonathan Jeremiah - A Solitary Man

Jonathan Jeremiah, whose timeless songs and soulful voice place him firmly in the tradition of classic Island artists like Nick Drake and John Martyn, and mark him out as a songwriter with a rare talent, releases his new single “Happiness” on March 21st. Written and produced by Jeremiah, is taken from the 28 year old Londoner’s debut album “A Solitary Man” which is to be released on the same date.

Jonathan Jeremiah’s music comes from a world far away from the quick fix, pre packaged production line. He has spent the best part of a decade defining a sound rooted in a rich legacy of bespoke English folk and confessional soul. Undoubtedly a major factor in the sound is Jonathans rich sonorous vocal.

“When I was 14 my voice developed an incredible deep baritone. At the time it wasn’t the greatest thing, everyone wanted to sound like Jeff Buckley . I felt like a man out of place but in time, I embraced the baritone.”

Jonathan’s debut album “A Solitary Man” was engineered and produced by Jonathan in an analogue studio in Dollis Hill and featured collaborators included The Heritage Orchestra, a young group of classical musicians attuned to his working methods, and Jules Buckley who handled all the string arrangements.

Although the album has been a long time in the making it offers proof that sometimes the best things take time. With equal measures of hard headed determination and careful nurturing, Jonathan’s music is ready to be unveiled. The time to take his songs into your heart and soul is here.

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