Monday, 31 January 2011

Jeniferever - Silesia

Swedish band Jeniferever unveils the forthcoming third album, Silesia on Monotreme Records, set for April 19 release - a fitting example of their masterful meld of melodic pop songcraft with post rock's expansive sonic wanderlust. It is an album borne of tragic loss and motion.

Previously compared to other outfits like The Appleseed Cast, Explosions In The Sky and Immanu El, every second of Silesia is tied to place and time, bound by reality and borne by experience. It's less about escape, more confronting the unexpected trials that send one's life into undulation.

The album's title is taken from the former name of Berlin's Ostbahnhof. It was near here, while on tour in 2009, that member Kristofer Jönson learned that his father had passed away. Reality bit where there was so often release; the structure of life on the road collapsed, and the band canceled their remaining dates. Several months later, a third album began to form; while not wholly informed by the recent tragedy, nevertheless the collection bears its title with no little relevance.

"I liked the idea of naming it after a railway station since it's a place of motion, a place where people arrive and depart and sometimes maybe depart never to come back," Kristofer said. The end product is Jeniferever's brightest, most immediate long-player yet. From pain, confidence; from darkness, light.

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