Monday, 5 October 2009

System & Station - I'm Here To Kill

Portland-based band System & Station unveils an upcoming mini EP titled I'm Here To Kill, dated to release on October 28. Expecting their fifth full length in early 2010, this album showcases some new materials from the band, delivering greater groovy rock scoops.

The forthcoming EP will be supported with a three-week long tour.

"This short-playing EP is lyrically based on the true story of a woman living in the Pacific Northwest, her struggle with abusive relationships and the loss of her child at the hands of her then husband."

System and Station leader, RFK Heise, explains, "The title I’m Here To Kill comes from the stories she told me of revenge. Waking up next to her husband, watching him sleep and thinking ‘I love you but I’m going to kill you."

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