Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lee & Willbee - North Carolina

Lee & Willbee began as a collaboration between Lee Chameleon and Markus Willbee. The first time they met Lee and Willbee made music. In the beginning they formed a strong bond as the rhythm section for La Makita Soma.

With Markus on bass and Lee on drums La Makita Soma criss-crossed the country playing rock clubs, raves and music festivals showcasing their energetic blend of psychedelic rock and electronic dance music.

Following the dissolution of La Makita Soma, the musical bond and friendship formed by years of forging rhythms together continued. Both were eager to venture outside their previous musical roles and decided to start a project that would allow them to utilize all their ideas. Being multi-instrumentalists and pop enthusiasts Lee and Willbee decided to hide away with their instruments and record songs that had thematic and melodic integrity but sounded sweet like candy. A tonic for troubled souls who are not afraid of a catchy melody.

On October 13, the band unveiled their debut album North Carolina via Lost in the Woods.

Free Downloads: Love's Not Worth It, Day of Sunshine,

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