Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Peter Squires - Woe Is Me

American singer/songwriter Peter Squires released a new album titled Woe Is Me, an urban tale of heartbreak and betrayal against carefully stripped down folk songs beating and bleeding with raw emotion. Delicate layers of guitar and minor percussive flairs create a minimalist music with an enduring beauty.

Peter’s direct and honest vocal delivery will make you think of contemporaries like Kimya Dawson and Luke Temple… or even legacy artists like Cat Stevens or minimalist composer Steve Reisch subtle productions while playing with emotions in the way Morrissey would or The Cure.

Each song creaks beyond your shield and into your soul creating an album that is all heart, laid bare for our aural pleasure. The up-front honestly, heart on a sleeve Woe Is Me was recorded in Peter Squires Brooklyn bedroom. This stark look at one man’s journalistic view of heartbreak, complete with dark imagery and tender moments too, leaves us listeners with some amazing folk gems.

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