Sunday, 1 May 2011

Snoop Dogg x adidas Freemont

Well, for those who missed the opportunity to grab a pair of the Dogfather initiative, here's your good chance.

To recap, adidas Originals collaborated with Snoop Dogg and produced a special edition Dogfather sneaker, based on the Freemont model. The entire sneaker was given the LA Lakers tribute along with the Lazy Eyed logo on the tongue, and gunmetal trefoils on the outside of the heel and back of the Achilles.

The main body of the trainer is textured black leather with coloured suede accents of purple and suede. The midsole is mainly white with a black dimpled strip and white toe-guard with tiny “XX” markings.

Inside the shoe, under the heel, is a large trefoil logo and the words “my season never ends” in yellow. The shoe comes with an additional pair of purple laces.

Available now at oki-ni.

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