Friday, 27 May 2011

Mélanie Laurent - En T’Attendant

Following her breakthrough success in Quentin Tarantino's mega hit Inglourious Basterds, prominent French actress Mélanie Laurent made her singing debut with En T’Attendant, released on May 2 through Atmospheriques.

Her debut record was co-written and co-produced along with Damien Rice, who he also contributed vocals on several tracks including Uncomfortable and Everything You're Not Supposed To Be.

"It’s a crazy story. I went to Woodstock [over two years ago] to record the album and I was unhappy with what happened there. I called my manager and asked him to call Damien Rice’s manager and organise something. I didn’t expect him to come, but he did, and we started to work together. I fired everyone and followed him to Ireland. He taught me everything about being a musician. I was a huge, huge fan, so it was weird for me to just speak with him like it’s natural…" a comment by Laurent from a notable source.

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