Saturday, 7 May 2011

Movits! 'Sammy Davis Jr'

Movits! are in the home stretch of their month-long US tour in support of their new album Out Of My Head. The band has documented their journey every step of the way along way through video tour diaries on their website.

During their stop in Austin, the trio decided to shoot an impromptu single-take video performance of Out Of My Head’s single “Sammy Davis Jr.” live while they took a walk down Austin’s famous 6th street.

Movits! are a Swedish trio from Lulela, Sweden that were first discovered by Stephen Colbert while he was reading Colbert promptly invited the band to come onto his Comedy Central show The Colbert Report for their US television debut. The band has since released their second album, Out Of My Head and it’s first single, “Sammy Davis Jr.”

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