Saturday, 21 May 2011

Dan Hubbard and The Humadors Presents The Love Show

Songwriter, singer and guitarist Dan Hubbard has been releasing music from his Illinois home close to ten years. Throughout that time, flying under the radar, Hubbard has managed to sell 10,000 albums, an average of 125 performances annually and land on the Americana Music Association’s radio charts. Hubbard is now set to issue his most accomplished musical effort to date with The Love Show on May 24, preceded by the single, “The Last Time You See Me”.

Dan Hubbard trades in a brand of high energy, crisp rock n’ roll flavored with country and blues overtones. His songs are presented by a crack, unbeatable band of musicians – his band, The Humadors. Hubbard has built a loyal following over the past decade with this sound and his dynamic, powerful voice. His songs speak to and about a simpler every day life filled with love, loss and soul searching. A life that might be lived in a Midwestern town like the one he is from.

These kinds of stories, ones that often get overlooked in the constant turnover of today’s indie rock music world, are influenced by Hubbard’s love of the classic sounds of Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Neil Young and Jackson Browne. Like the influential front-men before him, Hubbard delivers a message that people can relate to in good times and bad and with a decade-plus of experience behind him, he does it very well.

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