Friday, 20 May 2011

I Want That You Are Always Happy by The Middle East

Australian musical collective The Middle East is set to release their debut album I Want That You Are Always Happy on July 12 through Missing Piece Records.

While a bustling port on the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia hardly seems like the most fertile ground for a slice of luminous musical beauty, it was exactly in such a place – Townsville, to be exact -- that The Middle East came into existence. In 2005, singer/guitarist Rohin Jones met Jordan Ireland, and realized that they had much in common. Their shared passion for music inspired them to being writing and arranging, both individually and as a duo, and The Middle East was born.

The self-produced I Want That You Are Always Happy more than delivers on the promise of its predecessor. The songs cover a wide swath of emotional terrain, from the joyful (“Jesus Came to My Birthday Party,” “Land of the Bloody Unknown”) to the elegiac (“Black Death 1349” and “Mount Morgan”) and everything in between.

Jones, a notorious perfectionist, takes a characteristically humble view of the album: “I don’t know whether people will like it. Obviously, I hope they do and I hope they can get what they want from it. For us, I see it as an amiable first attempt and I know we can do better. In fact, I would like to try again someday.”

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