Thursday, 19 June 2008

System And Station - A Nation Of Actors

Portland's indie rock group System And Station return with their fourth full length album A Nation Of Actors, expected to hit stores on August 19, under Latest Flame Records.

Considered as the most ambitious and cohesive work to date, the new record heads to a more pop feel compared to the previous albums, yet not sacrificing the angular guitar work nor the two-ton rhythm section.

"A Nation of Actors sparkles from beginning to end; from the ambient lament of "The World Is Run By Wires", with washed out guitars, toms and cymbal swells, and hopeful lyrics "I'll stand right by your side, I know it's hard, hard sometimes"; to the deep space crush of "Dumb Luck", and "Pictures Found In Paragraphs", and their jagged guitars, soaring vocals, and massive drums." - Fanatic.

Check out The Magnetic North. I am officially inserting this track into my top 30 hits for this quarter.

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