Friday, 13 June 2008

The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me

The Notwist is an indie rock group from Weilheim, Germany. Their sixth studio album entitled The Devil, You + Me was introduced earlier on May 2 in Europe, and this coming June 17 will be distributed in the US under Domino Records.

Here's another fine band formed since the late 80s. Although the band have switched genres throughout the years, but the band shared similar interests and remained a stable line up and has released many many albums and singles. From heavy metal to indie rock, and later on to electronica, the recent effort they've switched to have been dominantly impressive and attractive, considered as the best among the changes made since started.

Similarly close to other acts like 13 & God, Lali Puna, The Books, Album Leaf, Radiohead and Four Tet.

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