Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Outline - You Smash It, We'll Build Around It

LA experimental outfit The Outline will release their debut full length album You Smash It, We'll Build Around It in the UK on June 16 under 30:30 Recordings.

The band previously released this album in the US on July 11, 2006 under Fearless Records. Why only after 2 years? They're good, why bother?

The Outline will be touring extensively in the UK along with LA's Say Anything and Texas' The Rocket Summers. Tour dates can be found at their MySpace.

According to various sources around the web, we realized that The Outline is hinting on a new album somewhere around the corner. However not much details has been officially announced, aside from a footage of the band recording some new materials in a studio was filmed and circulated online.

This is the video for their single Death To Our Enemies.

Also check out this session in one of their UK shows where they performed Why We're Better Now. One brilliantly magnificent song!

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