Thursday, 26 June 2008

Remote Control Frequencies - Tempus

Remote Control Frequencies compromise of R-Rock and LG, where it was formed sometime in the late 90s in Chicago.

On June 3, they released a new album entitled Tempus, on R-Rock's own label The Secret Life Of Sound. Tempus is a fusion of hip hop and analog-driven improvisation rock music mashing up with unimaginable overdose of noise effects.

"On a lot of the songs, LG and I would write songs in the studio, using the recording process almost like a member of the band. Sometimes we would record his drums at Stray Dog with me playing keys, and then I would take them home and chop them up and bring them back. Other songs on the record were completely improvised, recorded live in one take. I have a tendency to always to chop everything up and paste it back together, but when you have a group performance it gives you a sense of wanting to be very careful how you tinker with someone else's voice. I think all of these different approaches bring something unique to the record. Hopefully people will get something out of it," a comment by R-Rock adapted from the press release.

We got two tracks for you to download here.

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