Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Negativland - Thigmotactic

One of the few long-sustaining bands in history, California's experimental band Negativland have been making music and releasing albums since 1979.

Despite the come-and-go lineups for the past 29 years, the band is still one of those active ones that are still working on new materials.

Most of the albums released in the past are mainly focused on sound collage and music exposition - accumulating and forming up samples, effects, beats and tv commercials from other sources and compiling one after another after another after another after another, until it becomes one perfect compilation of compelling track.

Negativland is set to unveil the first song-based album in 28 years, entitled Thigmotactic, expect to hit record stores on July 15 under their own label Seeland Records. The album consists of 17 tracks, including two instrumentals, all written, composed and performed by Mark Hosler supported by the rest of the band.

Here's one free track for you! Download Richard Nixon Died Today here!

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