Saturday, 23 April 2011

Mazes 'Most Days'

Manchester's indie punk lads Mazes unveiled their debut album titled A Thousand Heys, out now via FatCat Records.

The band is the formation of Jack Cooper (vocals and guitar), Neil Robinson (drums), Jarin Tabata (guitar) and Conan Roberts (bass), and have been on tours with bands like Pens, Wavves, Deerhunter, Thee Oh Sees, Sic Alps, Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles.

A Thousand Heys is a tapestry of collective influences that draws on the band’s multi-national constitution and sees them dart in and out of their record collections with the same enthusiasm and sense of fun as the two wide-eyed kids messing about in front of the camera on the album’s cover. The opener ‘Go-Betweens’ is a song influenced by the honeyed, major-key pop of the band the song’s title references, but with New York Dolls guitars, Buzzcocks intensity and Big Star-esque nihilist lyrics. At other times, as referred to by Marc Riley when he called them a ‘sort of really garagey Kinks’, they can sound like a British Invasion group; a syncopated McCartney bassline kicks in during a chorus that starts with a ‘Hey!’ on ‘Surf & Turf’, with lyrics that actually reference ‘The Beatles at JFK’.

Mazes is here to stay to rock the world folks. Check out their animation of the song Most Days.

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