Friday, 25 February 2011

Estevan Oriol x Dustin Canalin Upper Playground T-Shirts

Upper Playground is releasing a collection of three t-shirts collaboratively designed by Estevan Oriol and UNDRCRWN’s, Dustin Canalin.

The collection was born from the idea that Dustin’s style could bring a unique perspective to Estevan’s legendary photography – and the three tees execute this idea flawlessly. The designs takes the idea of ‘collaboration’ to a place that’s not often seen, with both artists styles and artwork pushed to the forefront of the design in equal parts. Says Dustin on the project, “The images were already iconic to him, so I didn’t want to take away from what was already there, I just wanted to enhance the images in my own way. This was special because there was an opportunity for two artists to come together and create a design that we were both proud of. ”

The Army, Throne and Camo T-Shirts all feature a printed Upper Playground x Dustin Canalin x Estevan Oriol logo on the left sleeve and are available at UP online store.

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