Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Noxious Foxes - Légs

Brooklyn-based frenetic power-duo Noxious Foxes announce the release of their sophomore album, Légs now available on Broth IRA.

Légs was recorded over the course of 7 months at Thump. With it, their sound matured considerably -- the walls of loops got thicker and louder, beats became more intricate and complex. An electric piano and a synthesizer, also played by Justin, were added to round out the sonic blast. Since each song was written live with loopers, their recordings maintain the same layer building process as their live show.

The release of Légs also marks the formation of Justin and Richard's record label Broth IRA. With a fully equipped recording studio at their disposal and many musically talented friends, they are setting out to help bring more albums to life.

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