Monday, 27 December 2010

Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds - Under Streetlight Glow

After years creating films, Heidi Spencer's voice is finally being heard - but it's not because of her celluloid creations. On March 29, Bella Union will release 'Under Streetlight Glow' by Heidi Spencer & the Rare Birds. With songs described as "dark, dreamy" and "quietly heart-wrenching", the album - named after one of Spencer's short films - possesses an equally cinematic quality; haunting, elegant orchestrations curled up with Spencer's hushed, exquisite voice.

Spencer was raised in Milwaukee, her father a musician and central figure in the city's underground arts scene of the 1970's. As a young adult, she lived an itinerant existence out of her car, calling 12 different states home before ultimately settling back in Milwaukee, where she quickly earned a reputation as a filmmaker and songwriter. Spencer's restless spirit imbues both her films and her songs: "Am I coming? / Am I leaving?" she sings on "Hibernation." "You get so used to something, you just can't quit."

'Under Streetlight Glow' was recorded in Milwaukee's ShipRec Studios with producer and Rare Birds drummer Bill Curtis.

Heidi Spencer & the Rare Birds plan to tour the US in 2011, including dates at SXSW.

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