Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kobe Bryant x Nubeo Black Mamba Luxury Watch

You don't see much of this going on frequently, maybe once in a blue moon if there is any chance.

This is a partnership between luxury watch boutique Nubeo and one of the world's finest basketball player Kobe Bryant to create a luxury timepiece inspired by the MVP super athlete.

Since Bryant was the main influential icon for this timepiece, the Switzerland-based Nubeo made an effort to link each and every detail of this stylish watch to him, even including his 'court name' as the name of this timepiece known as the Black Mamba.

Three limited edition Black Mamba watches will be released - 810 units made for The Standard, 240 made for The Ultimate and 24 made for The MVP (as pictured), the most valuable of the three.

You can sort for more sources on this news via BKRW, Luxist and AskMen.

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