Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sufjan Stevens Announced Run Rabbit Run & The BQE

American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens gave two good news to fans. One, the acclaimed musician is set to release a re-work piece of his 2001's Enjoy Your Rabbit, titled Run Rabbit Run. Originally performed using electronic instruments, this new version will be performed with string instruments.

Every bit has been re-arranged by composers Michael Atkinson, Olivier Manchon, Maxim Moston, Nico Muhly and Gabriel Kahane, and performed by the Osso String Quartet. Should be kinda interesting to listen.

Two, Stevens also unveiled the release of The BQE, a film and musical suite exploring New York's infamous Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival in November 2007, on deluxe formats.

The performance featured 36 performers, projected film footage of the expressway and five hula hoopers.

The deluxe format features the CD soundtrack, a DVD of the film footage, a 40-page booklet with extensive liner notes and photographs and an accompanying stereoscopic 3-D Viewmaster reel.

You can also get the limited edition copy which includes 2 180-gram vinyl with large-scale 32-page booklet and a comic book.

The BQE deluxe editions will be released on October 19. Pre-order yours now over here.

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